A Complete Guide On Acne And Its Scars


Acne, also known as Acne Vulgaris is a skin disease in which the hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. It is a common skin problem, and medically it isn’t harmful as such but it can leave permanent scars and marks on your face. You can develop acne at any point of time in life and it occurs due to various reasons. It can be treated or cured if you seek the right kind of professional help at the earliest stages of acne; because once it starts spreading then it can get really difficult to manage.

Acne occurs mainly when the sebaceous glands secrete a lot of oil and the pores get blocked. As a result of this, bacterial growth takes place, which in turn leads to inflammation. As a result, it creates unwanted bumps and marks on the face. Another major reason as to why one can get infected with acne is related to hormonal imbalance. The excess release of hormones causes the sebaceous glands to secrete the sebum and they block the pores.

There are many other factors which cause acne. One such reason is environmental factors or stress. Acne is characterized by pimples and blackheads and oily skin; but when it gets serious then it can also lead to the formation of cysts or nodules or pustules. Many people aren’t aware of this; but sometimes acne can lead to serious repercussions such as low self esteem, anxiety and depression; and in certain extreme cases thoughts of suicide as well.

Hence if you are suffering from acne you may take vitamins. Experts say Vitamins and minerals can help rebalance hormone levels, fight acne, and lead to clearer skin. Vitamins for acne include vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin E.

Also, you can contact to a Dermatologist. He or she will recommend the right kind of medicines for you. Plus, they will also suggest the required treatment for your condition because the treatment depends on the seriousness of the condition. A few ways in which you can treat acne are listed down below.

A few ways in which you can treat and cure acne

  • Firstly, what you should know is that it is very important to seek medical help from the best dermatologists and professionals to treat acne. Just because medically it isn’t harmful does not mean that you will not look into it; after all, acne leads to a lot of other kinds of skin problems. You should consult with the doctor at the earliest so that it gets cured before any kind of unwanted scarring or marks develop. One of the ways in which acne can be treated is by checking the cause of it. Once the cause is detected then the severity of the condition can be determined.

  • Depending on the severity of your condition the doctor will recommend the kind of treatment you will undergo and that might include a clean up or oral medication or it might be a combination of both.

  • If the condition is quite serious then the doctor might also recommend professional peels for treatment or even Laser to get rid of the scarring. Sometimes when the acne conditions are mild and not that serious then antibiotics or topical creams can get the job done. However all treatments are done after getting your hormone levels and blood count checked and also the parameters are checked and if they show any kind of abnormality then the kind of treatment is decided upon.

Acne is a kind of disease which we acquire at any age and to prevent it there are steps which we can adopt and help keep our skin healthy. Firstly it is very important to wash your face with warm water and also a good quality cleanser minimum two times a day. This helps remove the dead skin cells and the oil that gets accumulated on your face. This should be done specially by those who have an oily skin base.

Secondly you should also try and moisturize your skin. It is very important to moisturise your skin because it helps prevent dry skin and peeling of the skin. Choose the moisturiser wisely because there are moisturizers for different skin types such as oily skin or dry skin. People who are based in Mumbai can consult the Dermatologist in Mumbai. They can suggest different ways to prevent acne and how it should be treated.

Millions of people across the world suffer from Acne and it’s a very common skin disease, which is why they search for acne and blemish treatments from a respected clinic. There are new ways and advanced methods developing every now and then to help cure acne. Skin care is very essential and significant and acne is curable and with the right treatment you can cure the condition and have flawless skin and a clear face and no unwanted marks and scars.

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