Side Plank Pose improves coordination and balance

side plank

Side Plank Pose or Vasisthasana is one of the most popular pose in the entire yoga style. Though, this full version of the pose is practiced with the top leg raised surface to the ground. That posture is quite advanced but we are giving some easy way to practice this pose that anyone can start practicing this yoga pose.

You can start this Side Plank Pose or Vasisthasana lifting your hips slightly upward. Now, you need to shift your weight onto your right-arm that you can roll onto the outside of your right-foot and opening your entire body to the side. Keeping both of your feet bend, now mound your left-foot on the top of your right. This is very important, so try to do this very comfortably. Do not hurry.

Now, in this place you have to be very straight that you can press your heels toward the ground. Your shoulders, ankles and hips need to make in a straight position and line. Mound your hips, ankles and knees vertically on the top of each other comfortably.

Try to reach your left-arm almost straight up and try to form a line that your wrist through your left fingers. Always make sure that your supporting hand is not to be directly below the shoulder. And, keep your hand in front of the shoulder.

Now, this is the time to gaze up at your left-fingertips and try to breathe normally but deep.

For existing in this yoga pose, release and drop of your raised arm on the ground and roll your body into the back plank pose. Hope you know that Downward Facing Dog Pose is also very good, you can rest in this yoga pose before repeating for Side Plank Yoga Pose.

Benefits of Side Plank Yoga Pose:

  • There are several benefits of side plank pose. It builds arm and make your arms and shoulders strengthen.
  • It helps you to stretches and strengthens your wrists.
  • This yoga pose is very good to give strength for your abdomen and legs.
  • It helps to improve coordination and balance.

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