Nutritional value of Mushrooms


If you are fond of eating mushrooms like Shitake, White button mushrooms or Portobello mushrooms, you will be benefitted from its rich nutritional values. It is also very low in terms of calories.

Mushrooms are sometimes considered as vegetable, because mushrooms has lots of nutritional things, and these nutritional things are found in meat, different grains and or beans.

There are more or less 7-8 kinds or mushrooms available, offers a long list of health benefits no doubt. This is one of the vegetable comes under the group called ‘fungi’.

Kinds of mushrooms –

  • White Mushroom – is very good for weight loss treatment and for preventing prostate cancer.
  • Shiitake Can – is very good for tumors prevention.
  • Reishi – is very good mushroom, is an upper food for anit-shroom.
  • Maitake Mushrooms – is one of the foods that have good ingredients for preventing breast cancer.
  • Oysters – is good for HIV.  This is a kind of mushrooms which is very effective to fight against HIV, due to its high anti-oxidant compounds, studies revealed that.
  • Chanterelle – is also called another anti shroom, rich in vitamin C and D and Potassium.
  • Porcini – is a kind of meaty mushroom quite similar to Portabello and also very much useful for anti-inflammation.
  • Shimeji – This is one of the mushroom which is used to prevent or to destroy growing tumors. In accordance with National Cancer Institute of Japan this is very good for preventing tumors. It is also very good for diabetes, allergies and asthma.

Nutritional value of Mushrooms –

  • Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, it also produce vitamin D when display in sunlight.  White mushrooms contains with vitamins D2, D3 and increase vitamin D in the human body.
  • Mushrooms are very good for boosting your immune system. It helps to intensify the immunity power of your body that helps you to fight against various diseases.
  • As we have told earlier mushrooms is a good source of antioxidants that protect the body cells from damage which is the cause of chronic ailments.
  • If you are looking for weight management then you can eat mushrooms, you can eat white button mushroom for meat.
  • Studies shown mushrooms improve in the body composition, helps to reduce waist and very good for weight loss.
  • Mushrooms are a natural vegetable or food contains some of the useful ingredients that are very much good food for fighting against cancer.
  • Studies showed, if anyone eat mushroom regularly, it can help to minimize the risk of breast and prostrate cancer and shitake mushrooms are good for fighting against tumors growth.

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