What Are The Advantages Of Using Wellue Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor With EKG?

Blood Pressure Monitor Device with EKG

Monitoring your blood pressure at home is no doubt a good idea for everybody. Now the question appears here – why should you get a wireless blood pressure monitor with EKG? The answer is simple!

Research shows that adults having hypertension, who monitor their blood pressure at home routinely, are more likely to lower their readings successfully compared to usual care.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: Advantages

There is a reason why doctors these days take your blood pressure nearly everything time you visit their chambers. Beyond question, it is a quick and painless way to get a snapshot of your heart health. But that does not mean it is the best way to monitor your blood pressure.

When you visit a doctor’s chamber, sit beside other patients, you feel something different. Yes, that is natural because it is not your home and you don’t feel at home. Your mental pressure, temperature, physical exertion, feeling change and even doctor’s visits. Thus, it affects on your blood pressure. It ups and downs. Now the question is – what do you do? One of the best ways to monitor your blood pressure is using Wellue wireless blood pressure monitor with EKG.

You can avoid these potentially false positives and false negatives with DIY testing. Here, in this review article, we will tell you the advantages of using Wellue wireless blood pressure monitor with EKG. Read on!

Wellue blood pressure monitor is one of the smartest ways to know your BP. It has stunning one-piece design to pack the measuring cuff as well as the blood pressure machine into one smart device sans unwanted parts like wires or hoses. You can instantly get essential blood pressure i.e. systolic and diastolic pressure, and pulse rate readings with it, anywhere, anytime you need.

Measuring EKG (Electrocardiogram) Is Easy Now!

Wellue blood pressure monitor with EKG is a finest gadget in the market. It has everything you need in a digital upper arm NIBP monitor. It is integrated with a dependable EKG module. You can see the electrical signals of your heart; also detect its potential issues by simply holding 2-side of the device with your hands. A 30 seconds EKG result will be shown and stored. It can be used by anyone, no need be a tech-guy.

Wireless Connectivity And Application

It is a non-invasive blood pressure monitor. You can connect it wirelessly to any iOS and Android mobile application via Bluetooth where you can view your real-time stats as well as history trend graphs. You can also check BP and EKG data. The best thing is – this machine can also be operated independently sans mobile devices, showing info on its own OLED screen.

Share Your EKG Reports With Your Doctor(s)

The EKG readings are done by you can be stored on your mobile application and saved as PDF format. You can send it to your doctor for further analysis. The best thing is – a variety of irregular heartbeat can be detected by this device. Like arrhythmia, premature beats, heart pause, ST>0.2mv or ST<_0.2mv etc.

NIBP Monitor Comes With An Arm Cuff

This automatic NIBP monitor is designed with customers in mind. It comes with a comfortable arm cuff that has a size of 8.66″ to 16.54″ (22cm-42cm) so that adults can us it easily. Simply pack the device with the arm cuff, so that you can carry around. The best thing is – it has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which allows you to check your blood pressure as many as 500-time after fully charged it.

The Verdict

It is an automatic monitor, customizable readings, a digital readout and share ability option, what’s more do you need? If you are looking for a handy device that can monitor your BP, you should have it. Wellue wireless blood pressure monitor with EKG is developed for heart health. It is an incredible solution to let your check both your BP and EKG with a single portable device. Thus, it helps you keep your blood pressure number under control.

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