What Is Pranava Yoga And What Are Its Benefits

Pranava or Om Yoga

According to the Upanishads, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, Pranava yoga is a classical method of meditation. The another names of this Yoga are Aum Yoga and Aum meditation.

According to the Hindu philosophy, ‘Aum/Om’ is a primordial sound by which the entire universe was build. ‘Aum/Om’ also called Pranava, which means power, that can be recited by mantra. We all know very well that a ‘mantra’ is a cluster of verbal sounds having inherent the power of sound that can produce a particular effects which is associated with physical and mental activities. In accordance with yoga tradition ‘Aum/Om’ is the most pure word, which can be called the supreme mantra.

This yoga is specially focused on your deeper mind, heart and soul.  Sound and breath are the two most important spiritual powers and are combined with Pranava Yoga meditation. The sound Aum or Om, should be pronounced as AAAOOOOMMM in time with proper sound and breathe.

How to Practice Pranava Yoga

To practice this yoga you need to sit straight, relaxed and comfortable on the land on a mat with your hands on your knees, one on the other lap. Close your eyes gently when you do this yoga pose. When you close your eyes and do concentrate your brain wave will start reducing, thus helping to calm in your mind. You should breathe naturally and all the breathing you need to be done through the nose. Now you can start your yoga meditation. Now you start intoning Aum/Om, be sure when you sound Aum/Om every time it should be pronounced with a proper way and the same manner. Like AAOOOOMMM. Doing this try to meditate more in your deeper mind where your soul can feel free and calm. No need to push on your sound. After a few days of practice your mind will automatically come to the rest in the sound. Just you need to feel relax and sink or melt into it.  After a few days of constant practice you can try for the complete form of Pranava Yoga.

The Benefits of Pranava Yoga Pose

Practicing this yoga can enrich your spiritual powers from your soul. The benefits of Yoga are numerous. It increases your energy, prevent anti-ageing, improve the flexibility of your mind and body, improve your mental health and develop your personal values, it improves strength, sexual life, reduce weight, and relax your mind. Yoga makes you feel good. It is energizing and strengthening not only your body but also in your mind and thoughts.

 Benefits of Pranava Yoga or Om Yoga

The main benefits of this yoga is to take you close to God or we can say it guides you to get closer to God. According to the scripture of Hindus, everything in this universe is just related with the word ‘Om’. Practicing this yoga brings a realization of oneness.

  • According to the scripture of Hindus, it is believed that practicing this yoga or chanting ‘Aum/Om’ for a certain time every day will removes all sin from your mind. This yoga also helps you to prevent physical illnesses caused by emotional disturbances.

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