Four limbed staff pose strengthen your wrists and arms

four limbed staff

Try Adho Mukha Svvanasan/Four limbed staff pose and then try to do plank pose.  At first you need to firm your shoulder blades and press your tailbone toward your pubis. Now slowly exhale your torso onto the ground. In this position, always keep your tailbone firmly in place and turned slightly inward your legs. Now draw the pubis towards the navel.

Keep a free space in between the shoulder blades, you should not let the elbows splay out to the sides. Now try to hold them in by the sides of your torso and try to push them back towards the heels. Now push of the index fingers firmly to the ground and look forward.

You can practice this yoga pose for 10-30 seconds.

Benefits of this yoga pose:

This four limbed staff pose is not very tough, but at the very first moment you can feel quite uncomfortable. But day by day practice you will be able to do this pose very easily. This yoga pose helps strengthens your wrists and arms and tones the abdomen.

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