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Thunderbolt Pose or Vajrasana. Vajra means “Thunderbolt” and Asana means “ Posture”. Thunderbolt yoga pose is one of the most popular yoga pose that is often used for yogic breathing exercises and for meditation. Thunderbolt yoga pose is quite similar to “Hero Pose” or “Virasana”. But the big difference is that in Hero Pose, the feet are separated and the buttocks are on the floor. On the other hand in Thunderbolt Yoga Pose, the heels are together with the buttocks resting on top of them.

In the Thunderbolt Yoga Pose usually practitioner sits on the heels with the calves beneath the thighs. There is a four finger gap between the knee-caps, and the first toe of both the feet touch each other and sit direct. This pose also refer to “Adamant Pose” and also sometimes referred to “Kneeling Pose”.

Step to practice Thunderbolt Yoga Pose: Being kneeling on the floor or on your yoga mat with your hips and buttocks lifted off of your legs. You should place a folded blanket beneath your knees, shins and feet whether you need an extra padding to feel easy and comfortable. You inner knees need to be together and your thighs need to be perpendicular on the floor.

Un tuck your toes and press the tops of your feet firmly and evenly along the floor with an exhalation, come to a sitting posture on your heels. Now you need to rest your buttocks on the soles of your feet. Now keep your feet in the line with your shins. Do not let your feet splay open. Because your feet and your thighs should be touching throughout the pose.

Now sit straight and try to draw your shoulder blades firmly against the back ribs. Sit tall and lengthen your tailbone toward the floor. Always balance your head and spine over your pelvis. Lay your hands on your thighs, palms down. Try to relax your arm. Now gaze forward with soft eyes.

Practice this yoga pose for atleast 1-2 minutes. To release from the yoga pose press your palms firmly on the floor, lift your buttocks, cross your ankles and shins beneath your body and now extend your legs straight out in front of you in Seated Staff Pose or like “Dandasana”.

Benefits of Thunderbolt Yoga Pose: This pose or asana helps in digestive issues like constipation, gas related problem. It also strengthens the muscles of your legs and back, thighs, ankles, knees and feet. It also improves your posture and tones the pelvic muscles. If you do practice this yoga pose regularly, it calms and stabilizes your mind, making it a great posture for long periods of seated meditation and pranayama. Thunderbolt Yoga Pose also helps you to concentrate with a calm awareness.

But if you have recent knee or ankle injuries try to avoid Thunderbolt pose. Only you can practice this yoga pose with the help of a yoga expert and if you have any medical issues, talk to your doctor before practice this pose.

Happy Practicing!


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