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Triangle Yoga Pose or Utthita Trikonasana is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga styles. One single yoga pose will not cater all the benefits, though this pose will cater some of the benefits. To get the entire benefits of this yoga pose you should practice regularly with the help of a yoga expert.

Start practicing Triangle Yoga Pose. Stand straight at the top of your yoga mat in Mountain Pose. Now take a big back step at least 3 – 3.5 fits with your right foot, now you need to turn your foot towards the side of the yoga mat, when you are keeping your left foot pointing forward. Now you just follow your both of the hip points are facing the side of the yoga mat. This is very much important.

Now this is the right time to inhale as you take your arms out in a T with your palms pointing down. While moving your shoulder blades down your back, your shoulders need to be relaxed.

Now this is the time to exhale as you start to hinge at your hip towards your left leg, where your hip bone meets the pelvis.

To move your head top, and keep the spine long, both sides of the torso of equal length. You need to lift your knee cap on your front thigh, contracting the quadriceps to support your knee. Now allow your left hand to float towards your shin, a block inside of the foot, a block outside of the foot. Remember your right arm will float up towards the sky like T whichever the position of your hand you choose for your bottom hand. Now draw your low belly into the support of your lower spine.

Now you will tuck your chin in slightly, lengthening the top of the neck and turn your gaze up towards your right hand. While doing this pose you need to keep your connection with the earth, ground with the outside of your back foot and also four corners of your front foot. Now breathe and feel comfortable when you hold the position.

When you think to exit from the position, just an exhale look down your left foot and draw your low belly in, inhale when you are rising up and root down through the feet. Now you can do practice on the opposite side.

Benefits of Triangle pose: There are so many benefits of Triangle Yoga Pose. This is one of the basic pose which improves strength and balance of your body. This pose expands your chest and shoulders. It increases mobility of your neck. This yoga pose also increases your hip joints mobility. Triangle Yoga Pose strengthens your muscles, especially of your thighs.

Happy Practicing!  


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