Tree Pose aimed to perfect the balance and focus of mind

Tree Pose

Tree Yoga Pose or Vriksasana. The name comes from the words vriksa or vriksha  meaning “tree” and asana meaning “posture”. Tree Pose, or Vrksasana, aimed to perfect the balance and focus of mind. In this pose, the lower body provides the support for the upper body as the body stands with grace and strength.

Step to practice Tree Pose: At first stand in Mountain Pose on your yoga mat. Now shift your weight from your left foot to your right foot gradually and focus your awareness on your feet. Now open your eyes and fix your gaze on a point a few feet away from you. As this is very important to pick a point that is not moving. Now you are ready to shift your weight slowly onto your right leg, keep it strong when you bend your left knee and when you are raising your left foot off from the ground. Now place the sole of your left foot on your upper inner right thigh, remember that your toes are pointing to the floor. Using your left hand gently, draw your left back to help open up your hip. Always try to maintain the position of your hips to be squared and facing directly in front of you.

Now you can lengthen you spine by pointing your tailbone towards the floor and try to draw in the pelvic bone. When you are pulling your bellybutton towards your spine by lowering your shoulders as you lengthen the back of your neck do very gently and comfortable. Do not hurry.

Now the time to bring your hands towards your chest and press your palms together. Inhale a single time, now if you think that you are balanced, try to raise your arms above your head. Open up your chest by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Keep your gaze always fixed and remember to breathe easily. Hold in this position for at least 6 breathes.

If you are thinking now to return to Mountain Pose, do lower your arms to your shoulder height and rotate your left leg in front of you. Do straight your bent leg by raising your foot and then slowly lowering it to the floor. Repeat this to the other side.

You can try for an advanced version if you like. For more advanced version of this pose, begin holding the pose for longer times. Bring your raised foot higher up your thigh. Keep your palms together and stretch your hands above your head as far as you can.

Tree Yoga Pose or Vriksasana emphasizes alignment of the head, spine and hips.

Benefits of Tree Pose: This pose improves balance, poise, posture, concentration, increases the range of motion in your hips, deepens the thorax, strengthens your ankles and tones the muscles of the legs, back and chest.

Happy Practicing!


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