Benefits of Yoga

5 Surprising Benefits of Practicing Yoga

The practice and philosophy of yoga create a powerful interplay that informs and refines the other. That is why yoga forges a unity of the body, mind, and spirit. In a yoga... Read more »
Yoga for Beginners.

6 Tips for Teaching Yoga for Beginners

Your expertise as a yoga teacher gets tested when you are expected to teach first-time yogis. Yes, it’s absolutely true that you get the chance to know your abilities in a better... Read more »
Yoga for Motorcycle riders

For Motorcycle Riders: Four Workouts to Boost your confidence and Safety

Motorcycling is just like any other sport. Motorcycle riders need a strong body and mind. In addition to learning about gears, balance and other technical stuff, there is also a strong need... Read more »
Dharma Yoga

10 Important Things You Should Know About Dharma Yoga

People around the world are discovering the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of many forms of yoga, but some practitioners find themselves craving a deeper practice. By looking for a more authentic... Read more »
Yoga for runners

Running and Yoga: 5 Reasons Yoga is great for Runners

If you consider yourself to be a religious jogger, looking to find inspiration for taking up yoga for an enhanced active life, then there are 101 ways or reasons behind why you... Read more »
Yoga Benefits

Fall Fitness Reminders for Yogis

As the crisp cool air of Fall sweeps into your life this season, take a note from the changing leaves and change up your ho-hum yoga routine with these important seasonal reminders:... Read more »
Yoga during holidays

Tips for Keeping Up with Your Yoga During the Holidays

Keeping up with your yoga during the holidays can be hard for many reasons. You want to spend more time with your family, travel around, take care of things you couldn’t do... Read more »
Yoga vs Gym

Yoga VS Gym: Know which One to Choose for Yourself!

Physical activity plays a crucial role in the current life style for the good health. Health experts stress on doing exercises, sports or yoga for a healthy living. Let us discuss about... Read more »
Senior Yoga

What Are The Misconceptions Seniors Have About Yoga

While the practice of yoga is growing steadily in popularity in many western cultures, it still remains largely a young woman’s game. The health benefits of yoga for seniors in particular are... Read more »
Outdoor Yoga Benefits

A Handy Guide to Practicing Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is no longer limited to the four corners of a studio, usually complete with relaxing lights and music playing in the background. Nowadays, yoga has moved outdoors with many group classes... Read more »
Yoga Benefits

101 Yoga Poses: Yoga Postures I Philosophy and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is exercise. Yoga is asana. According to Gurudev (Master) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, yoga is an exercise for emotional integration. It is also the way of spiritual elevation with the divine... Read more »
Yoga for healthy mind and body

What Should You Know About Yoga for Healthy Mind & Body?

Whether you have had any kind of stomach surgery in past, you should avoid Kapalbhati (Shining Forehead Breathing Exercise) as well as Agnisar Kriya up to nine months at least. Yoga relieves... Read more »

How To Practice Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama Or Surya Bhedan

Do you need more energy? Then you can practice right nostril breathing pranayama. Right nostril breathing pranayama is also called Surya Bhedan or Revitalizing Breathing exercise. Right Nostril is called Pingala Nadi... Read more »
Elephant's Trunk Yoga pose

Elephant’s Trunk Pose / Eka Hasta Bhujasana – Improves Your Strength

Elephant Trunk Pose Read more »
Upward Facing Dog Pose

What Is Upward Facing Dog Pose And What Are Its Benefits

Upward facing dog pose is one of the most widely familiar and recognized yoga poses due to its numerous therapeutic uses and benefits. It is to be considered one of the most... Read more »