For Motorcycle Riders: Four Workouts to Boost your confidence and Safety

Yoga for Motorcycle riders

Motorcycling is just like any other sport. Motorcycle riders need a strong body and mind. In addition to learning about gears, balance and other technical stuff, there is also a strong need for physical training, because it also involves the risk of physical injuries, as in any sport. Motorcycling also demands physical fitness, because more physically fit you are, better will you fare in the sport.

The basic fact to know before finding the best workouts for a motorcyclist is to know the muscles or the parts of the body which come in contact with the bike, because obviously, those parts are used to balance and perform stunts. The parts of the body which come handy while motorcycling is the lower body (the hips, thighs, feet) and your hands. So, working out targeting these body parts will help be fit for riding and taking care of motorcycle pain, which otherwise are uninvited guests for bikers. So, here are Four Workouts to Boost Your Confidence as a Motorcycle Rider.

#1 Strengthening Your Core

For motorcycle riders, the strengthening core means strengthening your very foundation of biking. Through this, you will improve your flexibility and overall biking because your core is most employed while performing lifts and stunts. If your core is the chassis, without strong frame even the best engine and suspension is useless. Some of the exercises to strengthen your core are plank position, sit-ups, etc.

#2 Cardio Fitness

This will improve your stamina. Cardio exercises can be anything- swimming, hiking, running or cycling – for about 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Increased stamina means fewer mistakes.

#3 Lower Body

Seems obvious, right? You can work your lower body out through exercises like squats, Dumbbell Lunge, Back Bridge, pull-ups and even push-ups. This will strengthen your lower body so that you have lesser and lesser cramps, just in case.

#4 Improving Position

Optimize your position by observing and practicing. Observe that the best bikers out there ride with their hips back and a flat back – without slouching. Good posture ensures that all your strength goes into controlling your bike. Also, try stretching exercises to improve your posture.

Yes!! You read it right!! Here are a few all-in-one exercises if you don’t have time to do separate workouts. Make sure you are in comfortable fitness apparel before you begin your exercise.

#1 Back Squat

Place a barbell across the muscles of the upper back. Descend into squatting position with your torso straight. The hip crease should break parallel. Then, return to standing position. This is the primary strength builder for the hips, quadriceps and lumbar-spinal erectors.

This also helps to strengthen the legs so that one could apply more force while moving across the pegs faster, absorbing bigger bumps, or pushing the bike in neutral gear in addition to maintaining a stable back position.

You should: Start with lighter weights and gradually increase weight.

 You shouldn’t: Round your back or let your knees come too inward during raising.

#2 Dumbbell Lunge

Hold 20lb dumbbells in your hands. Stand upright, put one of your legs front and stretch as far as you can. Now bend your leg which is behind till it almost touches the ground. Then stretch your front leg to come back to standing position. Repeat the same procedure with the opposite leg. This improves your balance with load and will pay you when gravity is bothering you the next time.

Though this seems to be very simple, this seriously tests your stamina and balance and improves the same.

You should: Ensure your front and back feet point straight.

You shouldn’t: Let your knee touch the ground.

#3 Back Bridge

Lie on your back and bring your feet near to your body on the ground so your shins are perpendicular to the floor. Lift your toes and dig your heels into the floor. Lift your hips off the ground and hold your hips about 6 inches off the ground and return to the floor. Doing this exercise regularly is also an effective remedy for lower back pain.

You should: Squeeze your hips.

You shouldn’t: Relax between repetitions.

Yoga for Motorcycle riders
Yoga for Motorcycle riders

#4 Wrist and Feet exercise

How can we ever forget that hands and feet are also as important as any other part in biking? You can improve the flexibility of your wrists and your feet with a few simple exercises.

Exercise for your wrists

Stretch out your hand and rotate your wrist clockwise for about 5 to 10 rotations. Change the rotation direction to anti-clockwise for the same number of rotations.

Exercise for your feet

One cannot ignore the importance of feet when it comes to biking. The exercise is similar for feet. Stretch out your legs and rotate your feet in the clockwise direction for about 5 to 10 rotations. Change the direction of rotation for the same number of rotations.

So, these were few tips on the workouts for motorcyclists who choose healthy living and want to increase their performance. Bikers out there, perform these workouts on a routine basis and become fit and pro-bikers!

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