White Noise Machine: What To Look For And The Benefits

White noise machine

A white noise machine is a device that produces sounds at random or in combination. The coin was termed to mirror the definition of white light which is a combination of all colors. White noise, then, is said to be the combination of all frequencies of sound.

While listening to tons of sounds at the same time may seem annoying, it is actually far from it. They, in fact, absorb all the nearby “harsh sounds” and send out opposing soothing sound waves to nullify these. That’s not all though. After nullifying the irritating sounds,  the white noise machine emits calming sounds like waterfalls, oceans, thunder, jungle sounds, highway traffic and the like.

White noise machines are generally electronic and produce sound in one of two ways. The first is generating real-time audio by using test machines. The second one, which is more common, is simply looping a digital audio recording.

There are also traditional white noise machines which are made up of a fan and a piece of cast metal. Sometimes, people also install a speed switch. When the fan is turned on, air is pushed through various holes in the cast metal. These holes are positioned at diverse angles and these contribute to the production of white noise when the fan is turned on.

  • Benefits of White Noise Machines

A white noise machine has tons of benefits. They wouldn’t be so popular otherwise in the market if  they were not so effective.

  • White Noise Machines Improve Sleep


White noise machine
White noise machine

Living in a noisy neighborhood? You can drown out all the senseless babble, domestic disputes, the occasional ambulance and the like with white noise machines. You can replace it with your favorite classical instrument or the sound of a gushing waterfall for a good nights restorative sleep. The peace it offers is simply incomparable.

  • Promote Focus and Productivity With A White Noise Machine

Unnecessary noise is also present in offices. If you feel that the combination of chatter, papers being stapled and other work-related noises are affecting you, a white noise machine should do the trick. With fewer distractions to bother you, you can then focus on your tasks at hand.

  • Alleviate Stress

There are simply some sounds that cause a person much stress. We sometimes don’t feel it but it does happen especially when we feel out of sorts without meaning to. Back ground noise at a particular decibel and pitch level can cause discomfort. If you’ve noticed this happen to you, a white noise machine ought to do the trick.

Something about white noise machine.

  • White Noise Machine And Privacy

Discussing confidential stuff? Are you afraid of being overheard by the wrong folks? White noise machines can help with this too. Their sound masking features make it difficult to pick up pieces of conversation, let alone lengthy discussions.

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  • White Noise Machine Features

Every manufacturer will have their own set of features to suit customers needs. Choose the one that has features you truly need.

  • Self-Timer On The White Noise Machine

The device can power off itself after a set amount of time. This is very convenient for those wary of piling up energy charges. While it does not really consume much energy, a self-timer helps minimize the device usage which, in turn, prolongs its lifespan.

  • Volume Adjustment

There are old models of white noise machines that have a default volume setting. The addition of a volume knob or speed switch makes it all the more efficient. This is because some people are already accustomed to a certain level of white noise rendering low volumes inefficient. By increasing the volume, the range and intensity of noises that are nullified increase.

This volume also applies to the music or natural sounds being produced by supported devices.


White noise machine
White noise machine
  • Dual Operation

White noise machines that have this feature are really sought after. Dual operation means that they can work on AC or DC power. Basically, if you have AA or AAA batteries (depending on the model), you can still use the device without plugging it into the outlet. Portable versions of this device usually have this feature.

  • Sound Cycling On The White Noise Machine

You may think that the option to change the sound emitted is quite common but it’s, in fact, not. There are still some devices in circulation that only have one pre-set recording. These days, one should opt for devices that allow cycling between four to ten different sounds.

Additionally, there are also newer models that allow the user to use their own playlist via the MP3 player plug-in.

  • White Noise Machine Projector

Some white noise machines that focus on babies have built-in projectors. These are able to project images and scenes on the wall to capture the attention of the baby while putting them to sleep. There are various ways of projecting and the most common is through the use of image cartridges. These cartridges can be replaced so as not to bore the baby with the same scenes over and over again.

  • Night Light

This is yet another feature of baby white noise machines. For middle-of-the-night diaper changes, bottle feeding or simple check-ins, the nightlight proves a helpful feature.

  • Adaptive Volume and Voice Activation

These are 2 of the newest technologies made available to white noise machines. With adaptive volume, the device listens periodically to the environment and monitors the background noise levels. Changes in the levels will also prompt an automatic adjustment in the white noise machine. This makes it really hands-free and user-friendly.

Voice activation mostly works the same way and is commonly used in nurseries. When a voice is heard, the device turns its magic on automatically. This is great especially when parents don’t want to be bothered every time their child wakes up. If it’s just for a brief moment, the white noise machine will take care of things for them.

  • Mounting

While we usually picture these machines on the tabletops next to our beds, some can actually be hung on walls too.

  • A White Noise Machine Is Portable

Size matters especially if you are a busy executive or a bustling mother. Carrying around a white noise machine that is small and lightweight really eases the burden on your part. Portable white noise machines are generally powered by batteries and have limited features. Still, they are able to work wonders wherever you bring them. The compact size of some machines along with the traveling pouch they usually come with help make them ideal gifts.


White noise machine
White noise machine

Choosing the Best White Noise Machine

Here are some tips to help you pick out the best white noise machine. Be Careful. There are manufacturers out there that sell fake products. You can usually tell by reading the product descriptions. Some would have poorly worded descriptions and some would relay false information. We’ve seen white noise machines sold that say it eradicates noise. While that may be true in a sense, the actual term is masking or nullifying noise by emitting white noise which blocks out the annoying noise.

·         Cost Effectiveness Of A White Noise Machine

White noise machines aren’t that expensive. You should pick out one that has a price tag proportionate to the number of features it has.

·         White Noise Machine Warranty

It is highly advised to choose a white noise machine that comes with great reviews, feedback and warranties. This protects you and also shows the commitment of the manufacturer. The longer the warranty they offer, the more trust they have in their product.

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