What Are The Flying Dreams?

Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams are images, sounds, psychic phenomena that the brain produces during sleep. Most of them occur during REM sleep, the fifth stage of a sleep cycle. REM sleep is characterized by intense brain activity, similar to that produced during wakefulness. Dreams also occur during slow sleep, but dreams during REM sleep are remembered, especially if one wakes up during this phase. They, therefore, come back several times during the night. They are formed from amnesic traces present in the brain, formed by events experienced during awakening, and other things: they are the messengers of our unconscious. It is these dream-forming elements that we try to study to understand them.
Everything is allowed in dreams; there are no consequences in reality. Reflections of our inner conflicts, our anxieties, our fears, but also our desires, dreams reveal things about oneself, hidden truths, like a little voice that will help you make decisions. Whether pleasant or not, they aid in psychic recovery through mechanisms that are still mysterious. Dreams are necessary and good for your health. Almost everyone dreams, but we don’t necessarily remember them. But when we remember it, we can interpret dreams and understand things and resolve conflicts and problems.

Interpreting dreams can help you see more clearly about your life, personality, expectations, inner conflicts, and traumas. Kasamba advisors can also interpretive your dreams. Often more reliable than our waking beliefs and knowledge, dreams are very complex to interpret. You have to remember them already, write them down and know how to make sense of the signs, the clues you find there. Many books on the subject can introduce us to the dream world; it takes knowledge and experience. A psychologist will help you better understand your dreams, but at the cost of a lot of patience, as they often remain a puzzle. Dreams often seem silly, crazy, without meaning. Yet they have a meaning, but it remains to be found.

What Does The Mean Of Flying Dreams?

The dreamer flies away when the situation experienced in their daytime reality is too heavy. We feel overwhelmed by this reality, and the subconscious comes to relieve the dreamer by sending him this dream of flight.
Flying brings a feeling of freedom. It is liberation from the constraints of matter and soil. Like a bird, we move with ease and ease in the air without covering the distances on foot. It is the need to feel free to move around.
When we fly, we distance ourselves from the reality below, and we see things from further afield. This need to distance yourself from certain situations allows you to no longer feel hampered by certain elements and have a complete view of the situation.
Flying away can also sign that the dreamer is not down to earth and not considering concrete things enough. We detach ourselves from our material realities, and we try not to take charge of the elements of a concrete situation.

You need relief and to feel lighter or lighter and free. It is a way to give you a feeling of liberation from too heavy constraints. This dream brings you psychological compensation to give you a better balance.

You have to take your current reality with a little distance to be less affected by it. You can be freer and less involved or constrained. Welcome the relief given by this dream and enjoy this feeling of liberation. Find a little peace for your psychological balance; you worry too much.

How Are Flying Dreams Connected To Real Life?

Dreams Are The Driving Force

“Set a goal on the moon. Because although you will not reach, You’ll still be among the stars.”- Les Brown.”
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The driving force that proves that human beings can fly or do things too great for us. Because we have dreams, fantasies, and visualizations before we reach them. When we see our dreams And the clearer the imagination, how much that dream will be Drive and become a passion. Passion is a strong desire to reach the destination that Galileo once said, “Passion brings genius”.

  1. Dreams Give Us Goals.

“The goal arises from the beginning of the dream. That is organized into a system.”
Many times we have success. Goals and goals arise from a systematic ‘dream’. When we see our goals, we need to find a way to achieve and reach them.

Small goals Lead to success. The great starts with a small store close to you … Exam books are born from daily understanding. Successful weight loss is due to control. Consistently diet and exercise, having successful savings arise from creating a saving discipline. The bands that performed live in front of an audience were all from Practicing each day.

These little things are the ladder to success. That is not created in a single day. Singers Senkhajornbut Mountain, a writer of Thai brain psychologist, said, “Dream must be big, discipline must be small”, that is, you can aim for any grandeur. But the key to reaching that goal must be small, easy, and not stressing yourself at all.

“Dreams have to be big; discipline must be small; that is, you can set goals. To be big in any way, But it’s important to make them small, easy and do not put pressure on themselves, and from smaller goals develop into bigger ones. Until that dream will become a reality.”
It can happen because the auctioneer sees the goal on the spot wanting to reach and from small goals to bigger goals they keep on doing Do and don’t stop until “That dream will become its true.”

  1. Dreams Can Come True; You Have To Do It.

“Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” – John C. Maxwell “A dream will never come true if you don’t do it,” says John C. Maxwell, best selling American author. Hold

But suppose you still don’t know how to make that dream come true. In that case, we recommend the simple PDCA technique, a science born by American statistician Dr William Edwards Deming, who introduced the PDCA concept to Japanese people. And is an important principle in many leading companies

P = Plan set your goals and dreams.

D = Do take action and follow that dream. Importantly, do it because you don’t have to make everything ready or perfect.

C = Check Always check and correct it. It is important as a variable that will make your dreams. Put on the right track

A = Act continues to develop closer to the target. Most of your dreams, the dreams that are the beginning. If you may go on and continue into other dreams.

  1. Dream And Do Your Best.

“Dream a lot because we can’t do the full dream, but if we dream, we will get even more. Less into big so no matter what you do, do your best,” said Sir Richard Branson, owner of ‘Virgin’, a young man who dreams. One day he will travel to space. So he started a business traveling beyond the world with his airline ‘Virgin Atlantic’ service.

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