How Easy Pose Eliminates Anxiety?

Easy Pose

Sukhasana – Easy Pose – Pleasant Pose or sometimes it is called Descent Yoga Pose is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga styles. This is very easy yoga and simple cross legged position. Many yoga schools do not consider this style, is effective for the purpose of a long time meditation practice, though in the 20th century Guru Ramana Maharshi (guru of Jnana Yoga) considered, it is very effective pose for Enlightenment. 

Step to Practice:

  1. Start this pose sitting with the sit bones on the front edge of a firm cushion. Your hips should be elevated four to six inches.
  2. Now cross your legs inwards starting with your left leg in first and then your right leg.
  3. Now allow the knees to separate, you need to cross your shins and sliding your feet under your opposite knee. Always maintain an exact gap between your feet and your pelvis.
  4. Now you can reset your palms on your knees. The most important thing you need to do is to come lightly forward onto your sit bones preventing the body from leaning back and rounding the spine.
  5. Now you need to keep the bottom front ribs slightly pulled down as your sit bones simply balancing your spine over your pelvis. After this position done, just feel your thighs roll through the top of your head. Now exhale and relax your shoulders.
  6. Relax and close your eyes. Relax your facial muscles, jaw and also the nostrils. You need to allow now the tip of your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth at the back of the front teeth.  
  7. Now breathe slowly through the nostrils as much as you can, according to your comfortability. When you think you wish to exit, straighten your legs forward and give them a shake.

Benefits of  Easy pose:

  • This pose open your hips, lengthens your spine, relieves your physical and mental exhaustion and tiredness, promotes groundedness and inner calm, amplifies the state of your serenity and also tranquility,
  • It also helps to eliminates anxiety.

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