What Is Compass Pose And What Are Its Benefits

Compass Pose

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana is an important yoga pose which is commonly known as the Compass Pose. The compass pose is called as parivrtta surya yantrasana in Sanskrit. Parivrtta means turned on changed or revolved, Surya means sun, and Yantra means instrument. The compass pose is a most daring pose as it stretches out the hamstrings and opens up your shoulders. It is strictly performed only by advanced practitioners and you should perform it under the supervision of an expert trainer. It is a very complex pose. Moreover, the compass pose should be performed with lots of patience and reverence. A very well kind of warm up is necessary to prepare for this pose to start. This pose is helpful to open up your hips.

Type of pose: Seated

Instructions to do steps:  At first you have to sit comfortably in a cross legged position. Now bend the right knee and hugging it close to your chest. You can leave your left leg bent or you can out stretch it on the floor. Then lift your right leg with your left hand pretending as you thread the right hand below the right knee bringing the right fingertips to the floor. Now lift your right knee as high up on to the right shoulder as possible. As long as higher you can go, the pose will be easier to you. At the next, bring your left hand to the outside edge of the right foot. Now start to straighten your right leg as you can simultaneously bring your left arm back behind your head. Keep your eyes fixed towards your left arm. Now hold the pose for 10 to 30 seconds.  And repeat on the other side.

This is a kind of an advanced pose among all yoga poses. You have to take care to stay up on the top of your sit bones the entire time. Try to go only as far as you are comfortable. You should not be worried if you are not successful at the first time.  It is very important that straightening the lifted leg. Regular practice will make you better at it.

Benefits of Compass pose:

Stretches out the hamstrings, groin, shoulders and spine.

It is helpful to open up and loosen up the hips.

It also helps to reinvigorates the kidneys, stimulate the liver and work the spine.

This pose also helpful to nourish the lower back and limbs.

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