Reduce fat from your belly – practice Boat Pose Yoga

boat pose

In the entire yoga style, Boat Pose is very popular. This Boat Pose you will see your entire body takes a shape like a boat.

If you try to do this yoga pose, you need to lie flat on your back on the floor with both of your arms by your side. Trying this pose always keep your breathing normally. Now lift your both legs as shown in the above picture. Keep both of your legs straight and do not bent. Now raise slowly your upper body to touch your legs with both of your hands. It should be seen like 45 degrees.

Benefits of Boat Pose:

  • This benefit of this yoga pose is enormous.
  • This pose will help to reduce fat from your belly, improve the digestion; will improve to function of your kidney, liver, thyroids and prostate glands effectively.
  • It improves blood circulation and also strengthens your abdominal muscles.

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