Wide Leg Forward Bend Yoga

Wide Leg Forward Bend Yoga for Weight Loss

If you are an obese person and think of starting yoga, then the best time to start it. You should now waste your time, because yoga is the only way by which... Read more »

Kareena Kapoor Practices Yoga for Weight Loss and Zero Figure

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boat pose

Reduce fat from your belly – practice Boat Pose Yoga

In the entire yoga style, Boat Pose is very popular. This Boat Pose you will see your entire body takes a shape like a boat. If you try to do this yoga pose, you need to... Read more »
bow pose

Bow Pose an effective yoga for weight loss

Close your eyes and breathe for 3-4 times. Bring your head back to rest your chin on the floor. Grasp the ankles with both of your hands. Now lift your hips ,and... Read more »