The Benefits of Dog Yoga Or Doga: An Exercise For Your Pet Dog

Dog Yoga

‘Doga’ a portmanteau of “Dog Yoga” is a practice of yoga with pet dogs.

Through acts of meditation, gentle massage, and stretching, doga practitioners seek to achieve a greater harmony with their dogs. Canine acupuncture and chanting are also known to take place within the occasional doga routine.

We all have heard about yoga and its benefits for people, but there is a new movement in the United States today called “doga,” or the benefits of dog yoga, which is a yoga that you and your dog can do together. It has even caught on Canada and Japan, and is being taught at the Nippon Ayurveda School by the Japan Dog Association.

Why Do Dog Yoga or Doga?

Doga combines meditation, gentle stretching and massage for human owners and dogs alike. Some yoga instructors feel that yoga could be trivialized by turning it into a fad. As dogs are pack animals, many doga instructors believe that they are a good match for yoga’s premises of connection and union with other creatures.

Benefits of Dog Yoga

Some of the benefits of doga include:

  • This yoga increases flexibility and helps to resolve behavioral issues.
  • Doga or dog yoga can reduce stress, lowering blood pressure and aiding in digestion.
  • Doga has even spawned clothing lines, toys, exercise mats and beds for your dog.
  • Whatever you think about this new form of exercise, one of the main benefits of dog yoga is to help you spend more time with your dog, and will increase the bond that you share.

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