How to Practice Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama


Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama also called Surya Bhedan Pranayama. There are many different benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama we have discussed, here in this blog post, but before you jump to the Right Nostril Breathing Benefits and how to practice and reason to practice, we will discuss more this pranayama to tell you about its core things.

Right Nostril Breathing often called Pingala Nadi, which represents the physical energy of the body. The breath you take by way of the right nostril is essential for many important metabolic functions. The main purpose of practicing right nostril breathing pranayama is to increase the pranic energy of life, the physical energy and to energize the body. The bunch of benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayam has been discussed in different texts. Honestly, they are not all, but a few. It is one of the most important Pranayamas that has been practicing by millions of people for a long time. It is often called a central pranayama in the entire pranayama style.

Look at the benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama

  • It increases the efficacy of your digestive system.
  • It boosts your nervous system, especially the sympathetic nervous system.
  • It helps increase body temperature.
  • It helps remove Mucus or Kafa imbalance from your body, which is effective for healthy lungs.
  • It is one of the most important pranayamas or breathing exercises for obesity and weight loss.
  • If you like to practice Pranayam for weight loss or rapid weight loss, or if you are practice yoga and pranayama to reduce your weight and like to have zero figure, right nostril breathing benefits a lot.

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  • As discussed it is good for pranic energy, because prana increases the body’s vitality and helps improve the body’s functions.
  • It is very effective pranayama for depression and low energy.
  • It is an effective pranayama for stress management.
  • When you talk about the benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayam, we must say the benefits of doing it for reducing anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.
  • It balances the Ida and Pingala that helps remove all blockages in the pranic energy channels, which is good for awakening spirituality.
  • Right Nostril Breathing or Surya Behdan gives all benefits of deep breathing as well.

You will be able to reap the benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayam when you practice with the help of a yoga and pranayama expert.

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Precautions –

  • Whether you do not feel well while practicing right nostril breathing, you should consult your yoga or pranayama trainer to reduce the ration of breathing.
  • You should not give pressure doing this pranayama if you do not feel well.
  • You have undergone abdominal surgeries, heart injuries, brain surgeries, you should consult with a registered medical practitioner.
  • Do not hurry to practice this pranayama many times to get the benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama, regular and bit by bit practice will do better. You can try to do easy ratio, like 4:6 seconds for better results.

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