Essentials of aromatherapy

What Makes Aromatherapy So Effective? The Hidden Benefits of Aromatherapy

Do you know the hidden benefits of aromatherapy? Due to stressful demands at professional and personal life, it is hard for people to relax or sleep calmly. Many of you have been... Read more »
skin care

How to Get Whiter Skin & Radiant Skin Naturally in A Week

Do you want to know how to get whiter skin and how to get radiant skin naturally? A clear and radiant skin – a wish every woman wants for her for the... Read more »
Benefits of meditation

The Benefits of Meditation for Better Health – Here is Why

‘Meditation’ – most of us have heard of this word, but only a handful of us really know what it really is. And, we can’t help but ask, “Why do people spend... Read more »
Benefits of Meditation

Encourage A Healthy Life: The Benefits of Meditation

In these days of ever-increasing prices of medicines and rising costs of healthcare, we often wonder about which medical insurance policy to buy from the maddeningly large number of options out there... Read more »
Top 5 Yoga Poses to Combat Back Pain

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Combat Back Pain

For many, back pain is deemed a universal experience. People the world over, regardless of age or activity level are likely to have experienced back pain at one point or another. While... Read more »
Oriental massage

What is Oriental Massage And What Are Its Benefits

Massage therapists believe there are many benefits of oriental massage therapy. Generally, oriental massage relies upon the basic principles that are rooted deep in the Chinese therapy or Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine... Read more »
massage therapy benefits for mothers

How Massage Therapy Can Help Tranquillize New Mothers

New mothers who take massage feel soothing affects from inside out. They feel cool and calm after a single massage session. Massage therapy for new mothers often called postnatal massage therapy. There... Read more »
Asian Massage Benefits

What Is Asian Massage Therapy And What Are Its Benefits

A one-hour full body massage session can give you many benefits. It can reduce stress by lowering your heart rate and minimizing the levels of insulin and cortisol. If you have taken few session of... Read more »
Aerial Yoga

What Is Aerial Yoga And What Are The Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

Do you know how to do Aerial Yoga? Have you heard the name Aerial Yoga? This yoga is often called AntiGravity Yoga. Hearing the name, you must think, what are the benefits... Read more »

How to Practice Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama

Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama also called Surya Bhedan Pranayama. There are many different benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama we have discussed, here in this blog post, but before you jump to the... Read more »
Aromatherapy and sleep issue

How Aromatherapy Helps To Reduce Your Sleep Problems

If you are one of the one in three people who suffer from at least mild insomnia, you know how debilitating a chronic sleep deficiency can be. Ongoing sleep deprivation can lead... Read more »

Techniques and Procedure of Udgeeth Pranayama for Memory & Concentration

Udgeeth Pranayama known as “Omkari Japa” and also known as Chanting Breathing. Udgeeth Pranayamas is very simple breathing exercise. This exercise should be practiced regularly like other Pranayamas. Steps to Practice: At... Read more »