Alternate Nostril Breathing

Anulom Vilom Pranayama Clears The Blocked Energy Channels

If you are practicing yoga, then you must be practicing pranayama. Yes, Yoga and Pranayama is interconnected to each other.  Now, the questions are – how to practice anulom vilom pranayama? Why... Read more »

How to Practice Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama

Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama also called Surya Bhedan Pranayama. There are many different benefits of Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama we have discussed, here in this blog post, but before you jump to the... Read more »

Techniques and Procedure of Udgeeth Pranayama for Memory & Concentration

Udgeeth Pranayama known as “Omkari Japa” and also known as Chanting Breathing. Udgeeth Pranayamas is very simple breathing exercise. This exercise should be practiced regularly like other Pranayamas. Steps to Practice: At... Read more »
Kundalini Laya Yoga

Bhastrika Pranayama Or Bellow’s Breath Cures Asthma

Bhastrika Pranayama is also known as below breathing exercise, is one of the most vital pranayama. Somebody believes this breathing exercise is a mysterious one and not much is known about this... Read more »

What Is Pranayama And What Are The Types of Pranayama

There are three types of Pranayam. Inferior (Adhama) Pranayam, Middle (Madhyama) Pranayam and Superior (Uttama) Pranayam. The inferior pranayama consists of twelve mantras, the middle pranayama consists of twenty four mantras and... Read more »