Yoga for allergy

What Is Yoga And What Are Its Benefits for Allergy?

What Is Yoga? Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise. Nowadays, yoga is widely practiced for the purpose of health and relaxation. Yoga can be the best way to improve... Read more »
Yoga for Abs

What Is Yoga And What Are Its Benefits for Abs?

What Is Yoga? We have started writing this blog with the term ASANA rather than using the term benefits of yoga for abs. Though we will discuss step-by-step yoga for abs and... Read more »


Yoga for Alzheimer

How Yoga and Meditation Help Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer

A new study suggests practicing Yoga and meditation may help reduce the emotional and cognitive problems that often precede Alzheimer’s disease. The study led by Dr. Helen Lavretskyof the Department of Psychiatry... Read more »

What is Yoga and What Are The Benefits of Yoga for Men

There are many definitions of yoga you saw or read in different places, book, magazines, newspapers and even online platforms. Many have given definitions about yoga and yoga therapy, most of them... Read more »
How Yoga helps in Osteopathy Medicine

What Are the Benefits of Yoga and Yoga Therapy

American osteopathy association believes, yoga is good for treating various mental and physical disorders. The benefits of yoga are many and widely applied in osteopathic treatment as well. Yoga mainly focuses on... Read more »
Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Physicians Are Suggesting The Ancient Benefits of Yoga Therapy

The purpose of yoga and yoga therapy is to build strength, awareness as well as harmony in life. Yoga helps strengthen your mind and body. Yoga benefits are undeniable. These days, people in different parts... Read more »
Men's yoga, male yoga, yoga and men's health

Reasons – Why Men Should Practice Yoga Regularly

You should not be afraid of going yoga classes. If you already planned to attain the best yoga institute in your city then we must say, you have taken the wise decision.... Read more »

How Yoga Poses Help You to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Have you heard that yoga can cure or beat erectile dysfunction? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you have certainly come to right place. Here in... Read more »

What Is Yoga And How Is It Effective For Diabetes Control?

Diabetes mellitus commonly called diabetes is a clinical condition mostly caused either due to inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas or when the body ceases to consume the produced insulin for... Read more »
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Top 3 Natural Ways to Strengthen & Boost Your Immune System

We are living in the world, where nature rules everywhere. Nature is beautiful and she changes her behavior all the time. For our convenient, we name the change as season and each... Read more »

Yoga2all Welcomes You All to Celebrate International Day of Yoga

The United Nations has declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day. The day is for all who love yoga and practice it for different purposes for good for life. It is... Read more »
Anusara Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Anusara Yoga Increases Your Natural Flow of Energy

Anusara Yoga is a powerful Yoga which comes under Hatha Yoga, which is a basic style of yoga. Anusara Yoga is fast becoming one of the most practiced forms of yoga in... Read more »

The Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga – Yoga Chikitsa

Many of us come to yoga for lots of different reasons, for gaining greater flexibility of body, strength, right tone of the body, physical healing from injury, reducing stress or just to... Read more »

How To Practice Reverse Warrior Pose (Viparita Virabhadrasana)

Reverse Warrior Pose – An Introduction: In Sanskrit, Reserve Warrior Pose is called Viparita Virabhadrasana. It is a standing yoga pose that stretches your waist and vitalize your whole body. Reverse Warrior... Read more »

Integrates Body, Mind and Spirit Practicing Yoga Meditation

In Sanskrit, word – ‘YOGA’ means “union with the divine”. The origin of yoga were thousands years of old, the main motto of yoga practice is to help or to attain the highest... Read more »