How To Improve Your Core Strength By Practicing PiYo Yoga

Improve your core strength by practicng PiYo yoga

You might have heard many things about PiYo, sometimes you come to know this is not a yoga, often you heard of this is a hardcore pilates and much, much more. You have heard of something right and something wrong, because PiYo is not a full pialtes and not a full yoga, but a mended one. This yoga is very good for weight loss and further you can get good results by regular practice. This is a yoga an pilates, a combination of two. A power exercise. You do not need to jump or core strength to practice it, some quick and simple steps will do a lot.

Benefits of PiYo Yoga

PiYo Pilates and Yoga is a type of yoga is quick in moving your body and almost explosively very energetic. This yoga style is blends with traditional postures with plyometrics and cardio moves for a full body exercise. By practicing PiYo you can burn your calories, tone your muscles, work on balance and get a great stretch. This yoga is very beneficial for weight loss.

  • In accordance with some yoga instructors if you do workout just one or one and half hour a day you can burn more than 400 calories.

One of the main Benefits of PiYo Yoga is, it increase your muscle strength, tone your body properly, build your core stability, it improves your range of motion and flexibility which is very good to prevent injury. The more you practice this yoga the more you will be benefited with great strength, toning your muscles with full of strength, energy and elasticity. This is very good for your life to enjoy a better healthy living.

This yoga is nothing but a fusion athletic workout which combines the mind and body practices with core strength, which comes from your stretch, strength, training and over all dynamic movement.

Happy practicing!

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