About Krouchasana – The Heron Pose

In Sanskrit, “Heron” pose is called “Krouchasana”. This is a seated stretched pose that is good to help your calves and hamstrings.

Start practicing this pose.

  • At first sit on the ground. Sit in a way that you can stretch your legs out ahead of you.
  • Now bend your right knee ahead of you, and try to touch the ground. See that your right foot rest just next to your right hip. Try to make both of your knees together.
  • Try to maintain the balance of your body and sit straight, that your weight rests on your sitting-bones.
  • Now comfortably bend your left knee such a way that you can make your left foot rests flat on the ground, do it in front of the sitting bone.
  • Use both of your hands; cup your left foot at the heel.
  • Straight your leg when you are pulling it backwards close to your torso. Be sure that the blades of your shoulder and back are straight, when you are performing this pose.
  • Now move your chin towards the knee when your back remains straight.
  • Try to hold your breath for at least 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the yoga with other leg.


Heron Pose is one of the most complicated pose in the yoga style. We consider that you need to take advice from an yoga expert before practicing this pose.

Benefits: This yoga pose helps you to stretches your hamstrings and also stimulates your abdominal organs and heart.

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