How to Practice King Dancer Yoga?

In Sanskrit, King Dancer Yoga is called “Natarajasana”. The name comes from the word – Raja meaning “King” ,  Nata meaning “Dancer” and Asana meaning “Posture. It is to be known that the name “Nataraja” is one of the pose given by Lord Shiva.

How to do this pose:

  • Doing this pose you need to stand in Mountain Pose.
  • Now you should bend your right leg at the back and hold on to the inside of your foot at the back of yours with your right hand.
  • Now inhale properly and stretch the left arm up. When you exhale you need to enlarge through the right side of your body.
  • Now bend onward at the hips and take the right foot at the back and start pressing the foot into the hand. Remember your left arm should ahead of you.
  • When you exhale for the next time, bend the hips further until the torso is parallel to the ground.
  • Now enlarge the right leg upward to the sky and enlarge through the back side of your neck as you gaze straight ahead.
  • Try to hold in this position for at least 4-5 breaths and then you can release and repeat for the other side.

Quick tips: Whether you think to do this pose is quite difficult for the first time, you can try this pose near the wall and can touch with your left hand for support.

Benefits: This posture helps in balancing and strengthening the legs. This asana is a balance asana. It is helpful for full body stretching, good for abdomen and chest, good for thigh and calf muscles, ankles, knees, spine and hips. This yoga pose helps to develop concentration as well as grace. This yoga pose is a form of aesthetic, which is a very renowned one and have been using in Indian Classical Dances.

Caution: Please do not practice “Natarajasana” incorrectly, because practicing this pose incorrectly may suffer knee injury and high blood pressure. So, we recommend you to do this pose with the help of a yoga expert and also you can take a consultation with your physician.

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