Using Yoga to Reduce Moving Stress

Yoga to reduce moving stress

Anyone who has been actively involved in a move will acknowledge that relocating is no small matter.

There’s a lot of planning and worrying to do, whether it’s sourcing packing materials and supplies, finding and scheduling reliable movers in advance, figuring out what to do with some of the items you’ve managed to hoard over the years etc. – never mind the fact that you need to have done your house hunting by the time you start thinking about moving day.

The fact that moving also forces you to make clear decisions with none of the usual procrastination we’re naturally inclined to only serves to add to the pressure, especially considering moving does not always come at the perfect time and could find us dealing with some other major life event, activity, or responsibility that demands our attention.

If not checked, the psychological pressure of moving or finding New Jersey movers can build up into stress that could take its toll on us.

It’s not surprising then to know that most people consider moving one of life’s most stressful events – right up there with death and divorce, believe it or not, and some would probably be tempted to throw in public speaking too.

Normally, there are several ways most people try to cope with or reduce moving day stress.

One way is to opt for full service moving service that involves the moving company handling all the aspects of the move, allowing you to put your feet up and carry on with regular life responsibilities.

Alternatively, you can opt for partial service or a complete DIY move, in which case you can decide to declutter so you’re able to move lean.

Whichever option you decide to go with, something else that can help reduce the stress of moving is timely preparations. Large or small, long-distance or local, advance preparation and proper planning can help take the weight of moving off your shoulders.

One method of handling the stress of moving that doesn’t get mentioned enough is yoga. Anyone who has made yoga part of their daily routine will attest to its benefit with regard to lowering stress levels.

When it comes to moving, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate yoga into your routine to make the process easier on yourself. Because you see, while it’s beneficial for your state of mind, yoga also offers a host of other benefits that could come in handy when moving house (or office).

Before You Get Moving

Get into the habit of practicing yoga several days before moving day. If you’re a first-timer, you might want to start a few weeks in advance (if not months) as the more you practice, the better you become at it and the sooner you’ll get results.

Cat/Cow Pose is a good one to start with, a move comprising two poses – Cat Pose and Cow Pose.

It’s great for stretching the back and torso while loosening up the spine. Cat/Cow Pose also reduces neck tension and pent-up energy which builds up when we’re stressed.

Keep Calm using Child’s Pose

The weeks preceding Moving Day tend to make some people anxious, and that anxiety is only likely to heighten if you’ve not prepared well.

While addressing the root cause of any problem involves facing it head-on (in this case proper and early preparation) yoga is always a good way to bring calm to your mind and body.

In particular, you might want to incorporate Child’s Pose in the days leading up to your move, during and even post-move.

It offers a slew of benefits, including quietening mental chatter and easing stress and anxiety, while also stretching the back.

Unwind through Shavasana Pose

The moving process can be pretty chaotic, whether you’re using a moving company or going DIY.

Times like these, it is imperative that you take some time to unwind and get away from it all, considering that you’re also juggling the move with regular life’s responsibilities.

A move that can come in handy here is Shavasana Pose.

Avoid Injury with these Two Poses

While you’re trying to relieve the stress on your mind and body, it’s also worth bearing in mind that moving has its fair share of potential injuries if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

That’s why you should take it upon yourself to stay limber throughout the moving process, as well as ensuring you protect your joints by practicing a range of joint motions that can help keep injuries at bay.

In that regard, you might find two poses particularly of help here.

The Malasana Pose (basically a squatting position) can relieve back tension as it helps ready your body for the rigors of moving.

The Eagle Pose, for its part, is another good move that can improve your strength and flexibility.


Schedule at least 20 minutes each day (30 if you can) for yoga and integrate these moves into your routine.

They will make a world of difference in helping relieve the stress associated with moving.

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