Shoulderstand pose – Salamba – with support, Sarva – all and Anga – limb.


Shoulderstand pose is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga style. Salamba sarvagasana means, Salamba – with support, Sarva – all and Anga – limb.

Try Shoulderstand pose.

At first you need to have support under your shoulder for more freedom for your neck. Then fold and stack a couple enough to support the width of your shoulders. You can try this pose without a yoga mat, but if you try this pose on a sticky yoga mat, will be helpful for your upper arms to stay in place while you are inverting.

Now you are on the blanket support.

Try to position your shoulders on the yoga mat so your head and neck drape and rest on the ground. Do it very slowly that you may not fall and face any injury.

So do not hurry.

Now lay your arms on the ground alongside your torso.

Yes bend your knees and contract your abdominal muscles. When you are trying to exhale, press your arms slowly on your lower back that you can draw your thighs into the front torso. Do not support your back with your thumbs. Always support your back with your whole palm.

Now raise your pelvis more so that your thighs can lift to horizontal over your shoulders, do not hurry.

Try to make your lower neck weight free, now slightly turn your head side to side that you can be able to increase space in the mid and upper neck region.

Now bring your head back neutral and move your hands from the lower back closer to your back ribs, do not let the elbows slide outwards. Now try to move your pelvis more over your shoulders.

Try to keep close your feet and knees together. When you are inhaling lift your bent knees up. As you can see now your knees remain bent, you have to draw your tailbone towards your pubis and try to rotate slightly your upper thigh.

Now straighten your knees, try to send the hells up. When your legs are fully lengthened, reach up the balls of the big toes make a length through the inner edges of your legs.

As you firmly press your backs off the shoulders and upper arms into the yoga mat. Remember: the back of your neck should feel comfortable. 

When you are decided to come out from this pose, exhale and slowly bend your knees letting your thighs drape over your shoulders. Slowly and carefully roll back onto the floor.

You can stay in this position for at least 25-30 seconds for the first time and day by day you can increase your time until you feel comfortable in this position. When you feel comfortable to stay in this pose, you can stay for 5-6 minutes at a time.

Benefits of Shoulderstand pose:

There are several benefits of shoulderstand pose.

  • This yoga pose helps to stretches your shoulders and improves flexibility of upper spine.
  • It helps to relieve your stress, because this pose is very helpful for your brain calmness and nervous system.
  • It improves your thyroid and prostate glands and also helps to improve your digestion.
  • For women this yoga pose is very much helpful in relieving the symptoms of menopause.

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