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According to Sanskrit, word – ‘YOGA’ means “union with the divine”. The origin of yoga were thousands years of old, the main motto of yoga practice is to help or to attain the highest control of one’s own energy of life, which is known as spiritual energy or ‘Kundalini’.

Many people think it is mandatory to practice meditation after practicing Asanas or Yoga. Yoga is very much important for meditation perfectly, because yoga poses or postures help us to skid into meditation without much endeavor. It is known that meditation is one of the important aspects of yoga. Yoga and meditation are interconnected with each other. Doing asana or yoga without meditation is like making food to eat but we do not eat just see that only. Although, there are different meditation and their process are also different but the result of those mediation almost same.

General tips for “yoga meditation” for your healthy mind and body.

  1. You should practice meditation alone in a quiet and calm place without any hindrance or sound. Find this kind of place and start practicing meditation.
  2. Sit properly in a chair that can give you enough comfort, do not make your body too rigid. Put off your shoes. You can also sit on the ground on a yoga mat.
  3. Now, the palms of both of your bands open on your knees and close your eyes slowly. Be aware with your surroundings, you need to direct your full attention inside, to the base of your spine.
  4. Now, try to pull all your attention up through the center of your body along your spinal column, until you feel that comes to the rest on the top of your head, to the way where the soft spot was when you were a baby. Try to be more and more attentive in your mind while doing the whole process.
  5. Now, keep close your eyes and press your right hand palm onto the soft place on your hand, now up your right hand not more than 5-6 inches above the head, palm down. Move it up and down properly, slowly and comfortably until you locate an energy between your head and your hand.
  6. Now, try to keep your whole attention where your hand is over your head and bring your hand back on to your lap.
  7. Now, sit comfortably in this position for 6-10 minutes with full of silence. Just devote in your mind and feel yourself. Whether a thought comes up, just try to watch it ups and downs.
  8. Now, the time to come out from your meditative state. Open your eyes slowly. Feel any change inside your body or in our attention.
  9. You can practice meditation 2 times a day; can give your best result. Though, practicing meditation is very easy but not that easy to feel the deep inside in you, it will take a long time to gain the utmost result of mediation.

 Keep Practicing!

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