Fast food is a worst food

Fast food

Now a days’ fast food become very popular among the masses. From adult to the children, men to women are fond of fast food.

People today are very much busy in their work schedule and they have lots of pressure in life, many people even do not maintain a minimum regular diet. They rely on fast food. Yes, it is true sometimes they do not have other option to choose for a quality and healthy diet in the office break time and due to that they take this unhealthy and very dangerous food. But eating fast food on a regular basis or often can cause various diseases.

Studies have shown on an average of nearly 1/3 of the U.S. children age group of 4-9 eats fast food on a regular basis. At present time in United Arab Emirates many people, especially young people prefer to take fast food like hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken etc.  And, in India nearly 40 percent of the Indian are eating fast food every day.

How fast food can affect your health?

Fast food can be the cause of many diseases like obesity; can increase your cholesterol level, diabetes, gastric and more.

Fast food or junk food is the major cause of obesity. It increases your cholesterol, the risk for cardiovascular disease and other acute diseases. It increase your weight and very unhealthy for children.

Almost, all the fast food or junk food contains saturated fat. Eating fast food regularly or very often can up your cholesterol level in blood, which is very harmful for your health. Cholesterol can accumulate in the arteries or thickening of the arteries. It can lead to an obstructed in blood flow and affect heavily on the blood pressure. Arteries carry blood to the heart, gets blocked, the result is heart attack or heart failure.

Fast food or junk food contains the high amount of sodium. Sodium increase blood pressure. Certain amount of sodium is good for human body, but if it increases, it can also be the cause of bowel cancer.

Fast food contains with Trans fat, which is very unhealthy, considered one of the most harmful fat. It increases your blood pressure, cholesterol / low density lipoprotein.

Fast food contains the high amount of harmful carbohydrates and calories. These are the major causes of obesity and other fatal diseases like cardiac attack, diabetes and so on.

Everyone should take a minimum healthy food to stay happy and healthy in body and mind. Fast food create lots of problems in body and very much dangerous for our health.

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