Practice Celibate’s Pose Or Brahmacharyasana Strengthens Abdominal Muscles


Brahmacharyasana Or Celibate’s Pose Power of Focusing and Boosting Mental Dominance. Brahmacharya means “self-control” over the entire senses and mainly over the entire sexual energy. This self-control requires transmutation of the sexual prospective (sperm in man’s case and sexual fluids in woman’s case) into lubricious vigour to the higher-levels of the being. Brahmacharyasana is also known as Celibate’s pose or sometimes called Floating Stick Pose. This pose is a pose that helps to aids our transmutation of the sexual prospective and into vigour leading it to the higher-levels of our being. The yoga’s position also includes the power of focusing and boosting our mental dominance.

Step to practice Celibate’s Pose:

  1. Bow down on the yoga mat with your feet slightly apart.
  2. Now slowly and comfortably lower your body into the space between the legs.
  3. Try to touch your buttocks on the ground.
  4. Now place your arms that can face downwards on the knees.
  5. Breath normally and comfortably.
  6. Now close the eyes and try to concentrate.
  7. Stay in this position for 2 minutes and return to the normal pose.

Benefits of Celibate’s Pose:

  • Celibate’s Pose helps to increase the capacity and dominance over the sexual prospective and helps us to produces the promotion of the sexual experiences.
  • The pose helps to increase your masculinity and helps to increase your mental focus.
  • Celibate’s Pose is good for increasing the mental control over the pelvis.
  • It helps in circulating the blood through the legs and helps to increase blood in the abdomen.
  • It prevents unnecessary knee pain, calcium depositions and eliminates the gout.
  • It improves digestion by the increasing of abdominal vitality.
  • Celibate’s Pose is great for those who are suffering from repeated night fall and lack of sexual enthusiasm. Good for testis and digestive issues.

Caution: Whether you are suffering from knee issues or any knee injuries, you should avoid this pose.

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