The Benefits of Yoga for Sexual Health

Yoga and Sexual Health

Most people don’t believe that yoga can help improve your sexual health, but it can, actually, contribute a lot to sexual health. Yoga can help boost your sexual function, performance, and satisfaction. There also are various moves and styles practiced in yoga that increase your sexual excitement. Yoga also helps increase the intensity of orgasms and overall sexual satisfaction.

Here, we’ll talk about how yoga benefits sexual health. If you’ve found the motivation to exercise, then perhaps the following benefits of yoga to sexual health may convince you to be active. Here are some of the overall benefits:

  1. Increases flexibility

Perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics noticed in people who practice yoga is their advanced level of flexibility. Now, being more flexible can really come in handy, especially if you are a looking to be a bit more creative when having sex with your partner.

Yoga and sexuality

  1. Builds self-confidence

We often find ourselves in situations where we just don’t feel like standing out from the crowd because we are afraid of being judged or ridiculed by other people. Our insecurities are caused by our lack of self-confidence.

  • Without self-confidence, we don’t appreciate ourselves. But with yoga, we learn to be more appreciative of ourselves. Yoga helps us achieve our fitness goals and gives us a stronger body image.
  • By doing yoga, you learn to have more confidence in yourself, which can help drive your libido.
  1. Increases your stamina

It’s so disappointing when you have to take a breather during sex. Poor stamina can have a negative effect on your libido because you don’t have the stamina anymore to continue.

  • Yoga, however, involves a couple of techniques that can help build core stability and better muscle control. These techniques will teach you how to breathe properly as you are sweating.
  • Increased stamina can help you and your partner become satisfied as both of you are able to continue much longer.

You’ll be thrilled as to how much longer you’re able to last and keep up with the demands of a healthy sex life.

  1. Boosts your sensuality

Yoga helps improve your mental health, which can contribute to your sexual health. It enables you to develop awareness of your total body sensations and teaches you how your body feels. Yoga will help you become more attuned to your body, which can increase your sensuality during sex.

  1. Improves spinal health

It’s such a letdown when your performance during sex is limited because of poor spinal health. Stiffness in the back can seriously impede your sexual performance. The good news is that yoga will be able to improve your sexual performance by releasing the tension in your back and improving your overall spinal health.

  1. Clears your mind

One of the reasons why most people don’t feel really satisfied during sex is because they just have too much going on in their heads.

  • If you are thinking too much, it’s very difficult to become really intimate with your partner. You must clear your mind if you want to be fully satisfied.
  • Yoga can help you clear your mind of anxiety and depression, which can affect your sex drive and performance. This is why you must get them out of your system if you to want to enjoy better sex.


Yoga helps get rid of your anxiety and depression and releases all your physical tension. You’ll be surprised at your increased sex drive once you get rid of your anxiety and physical tension.

Yoga and Sexuality

Ideal Yoga Poses That Can Benefit Your Sexual Health

Since you already know how yoga contributes to your sexual health, you might want to start learning a few yoga poses that increase your sex drive, performance, and satisfaction.

  1. Child’s pose

Child’s pose is a yoga move that will help relax your mind and body. It will effectively get rid of all the stress you have accumulated during the day, so by the time you are with your partner at night, you’ll be able to fully focus on him/her.

  1. Bridge Pose

This is a yoga pose that works the muscles in the pelvic area. Bridge pose will help you become more satisfied during sex as you’ll be able to control your orgasms much better.

  • Lie with your back on the floor.
  • Bend your knees and gently lift them until your thighs are parallel to the floor as if you’re positioned like a bridge.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds.
  1. Lotus Pose

The lotus pose aims to increase the flexibility of your hip and thigh muscles, both of which are integral to different sexual positions. An important yoga for sexual health for all.

  • The aim of the lotus pose is to stretch your thigh muscles as much possible.
  • To do this, sit with your legs crossed on the floor while both of your hands rest on the top of the opposite thighs.
  1. Plow Pose

This yoga pose will help stimulate blood flow to your brain, enhancing your awareness and stimulation. It’s also effective for relieving tension in your back during sex.  An important yoga for sexual health for all.

  • Lie face-up on the floor.
  • Bring your straightened legs gently up in the air over your body, until your toes reach the floor behind your head.
  1. Eagle Pose

The eagle pose is an alluring yoga position that aims to improve circulation in your cervical area to enhance your sensitivity during sex.  An important yoga for sexual health for all.

  • Stand on one leg, while the other leg is twined around the leg that you are standing on.
  • Squeeze both of your legs gently until you feel a rush of blood to the area after you release the pose.

Put simply, if you want to enjoy sex and have a better sexual health, you must do yoga. Yoga can contribute to your sexual health by making you physically active, keep your weight in check, improve your circulation, enhance your body sensations, and help you become more intimate with your partner.

Practice the yoga poses mentioned above to experience loving intimacy and achieve satisfaction with your partner. With regular practice, you’ll be surprised at how much you can do better during sex!

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