Top 10 Yoga to Increase Metabolism and Faster Weight Loss

Metabolism is a process that happens in all organisms. What we eat and drink converts into energy. Several factors influence this process such as age, gender and type of physical activities. It... Read more »
Premature Ejaculation

Top 10 Yoga Asana to Cure / Beat Erectile Dysfunction & Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction sometimes called impotency of man. When a man’s penis does not get enough hard for intercourse it is treated as erectile dysfunction. Though it is not the same as premature... Read more »
8 Limbs of yoga

Encompassing 8 Limbs Of Yoga (Astanga Yoga) to Boost Immunity

Eight limbs of yoga a way to live a healthy life more meaningfully and prosperously. Yoga is an art of living. Regular practicing of yoga is good for health. Yoga connects body, mind, and spirit. It... Read more »