All time best Running Tips For Beginners


Running is one of the simple workouts at all times. You do not require going to a gym, you need not to be worried about your exercise in your busy schedule or you need not hire a trainer.

If you are busy in your daily life, just manage 20-25 minutes for your running workout. It is a fun and good for your entire health. Pick a pair of sports shoes which is comfortable for you, a bottle of water and go for it. You can also carry a music player with you if you are fond of music that can be best for you to boost up your mind.

Here we are giving you some important tips for first time runners, a few things to keep in mind to avoid making mistakes and run correctly.

  • Try to avoid eating any solid and weighty food before a run. One thing will be great for you, if you eat some snacks, small amount of salad or protein shake will also work. Yet, if you eat full stomach you may feel lethargic, it will make you slow-moving in the time of running.
  • If you are decided to run on a busy road, try to run against the traffic, so that you can easily see the coming vehicles, hope you know that some of the countries have some specific traffic rules. Try to maintain that only.
  • While running you do not require excessive warm up. Yet, you can practice light stretches such as, knee lifts, climbing down the stairs, side stepping etc. before your start running. You can do it for five to six minutes. Even brisk walk before breaking into jog is also good.
  • Try to avoid flat soled shoes when you go for running. You should choose decent running shoes that can support your heel, which will help you in avoiding unnecessary injury and pressure on your feet.
  • You can stop in between a run, this will not cause you any harm, and you can stop and take a quick break. You can also do briskly walk or a light stretches. Whether you are first time runner then you can take a run walk approach, will be effective for you.
  • After your workout (Run), take a warm shower. Your muscles have been extended due to that you can feel mild pain in your thighs and calves are no cause for worry. For a 25-30 minutes of run your body will heats up, so do not worry about that. Just you need to hydrate and extend your legs, until and unless you feel relaxed.
  • Always take some food which are rich in protein an after your running workout. This kind of food will help you to repair your muscles very fast. While running your muscles need more energy that is why you need to eat some greens so that your body can get enough minerals and vitamins which was lost because of sweat.

Did you know?

  • Physically active people have a 60% lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease than couch potatoes.
  • You can burn at least 10 calories per minute with running. A 20 minute run will burn off a bar of chocolate.
  • Sprinting for 8 seconds and jogging for 10 seconds over 20 minutes, burns up to five times more fat than 40 minutes of jogging at the one speed.
  • The bone mineral content in the shins of male sprinter is 15.2% higher than of a non-runner.

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