What Is Awkward Chair Pose Yoga And Its Benefits

awkward pose

Awkward chair yoga pose is the 3rd posture in the series of Bikram Yoga. This pose is very good for your muscle in the body. This pose prepares for your entire muscular system to give strength, at the very first moment you will feel quite crazy in doing this pose but after a few days of practice you will be able to gain huge strength.

In generally, there are three parts available in Awkward chair yoga pose.

For the first pose you need to sit on a chair. The chair is no doubt an imaginary chair and with your feet flat and the weight on your heels. And you will have to move your fingers forward and towards the mirror at the same time.

You should sure about your hips are in the chair and your spine is in backward bending style. This posture is very good to improve your alignment in ankles, knees and also your hips.

For the second pose it very much important to focus on one spot in front of you, because it will help to maintain your balance. You should stand on your toes as much high as you can, keeping your spine straight and long, now sit down until your thighs come parallel on the floor.

For the third pose you need to stand on your toes and bring your knees together, keep your spine or back bone straight. Come down slowly and slowly until you have 5-6 centimeters gap between your heels and your hips. Push your knees up and down, keep your spinal cord straight. You see your spine is moving upward and your hips stay off your heels.

Benefits of Awkward Chair Yoga Pose:

  • Benefits of this pose are no doubt enormous.
  • It improves alignment in your legs and also prevents lower back pain if you have.
  • It improves circulation in your ankle joints, knee and toe.
  • Helps relieve arthritis. Increase flexibility of your hip joint.
  • It also relieves menstrual cramps, reduces fat under the buttocks.

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