Amazing benefits of broccoli!


Broccoli is a cultivated variety of cabbage which carries heads of green flower buds are widely used as a vegetable. It is one of the vegetables rich in high nutritional value and has a wide range of therapeutic properties. This can be called a super vegetable that support the overall benefits of your health. Surely, you can eat this vegetable as a part of your regular diet that can be helpful for you to prevent different diseases.

This vegetable helps you to prevent various diseases. Such as, it can reduce the risk of cancer; it prevents osteoarthritis, prevents skin cancer, good for your eyes, and helps to improve your heart.

  • You can eat broccoli as a part of your regular diet. In accordance with some experts eating this vegetable reduces the chance of developing bladder cancer, nearly 40%.
  • The vegetable protects your skin health against any harmful effects of ultra violet rays. One of the topical applications of this vegetable extract can minimize the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation. This ultra violet radiation can cause skin cancer.
  • Studies revealed that it contains sulfophane, a compound that helps you to fight against osteoarthritis.
  • This vegetable contains with high levels of carotenoids lutein that helps you to prevent cataracts and age-related muscular degeneration.
  • The carotenoids lutein not only good for your eyes but also helpful to promotes your heart to keep healthy. Eating this vegetable helps you to prevent the thickening of arteries that is good for fighting against heart attack.

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