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Content writing is an art. It requires the art of writing more than the technique. Though, I believe having some skills in search engine optimization and understanding in search engine marketing as well as content marketing gives a boost in writing lucid and salable content.

I used the word “scalable” because in today’s world selling makes great sense. It not only denotes a product but also a service, where “content writing and marketing” comes into the category. If you write a content that only shows the art but does not create value for others then it is less expensive in the market in terms of content marketing.

To say loosely, content marketing means a type of marketing which involves the creation as well as sharing of online materials, like blogs, posts on social media, videos and so forth that does not directly promote a brand but is intended to enhance interest in its products and or services. And, I write content mixing up both – showing the art of writing, maintaining the lucidity and stimulate the readers to read, read and read, use, use and use the content I write.

My intention is to write content that engages readers, indirectly promote clients’ products and or services and improve online presence. Thus, create value, improves branding, and make readers happy.

Let us say something about me, so that you know me and understand who you are about to hire.

I, Kabbyik Mitra born and brought up in Kolkata erstwhile Calcutta. I am a veteran Content Writer, Science Writer and Communicator, Technical Writer, Health and Tech Writer, Proofreader and English Language Trainer.

My Qualification

I am a BA (Humanities) with English Major from the University of Calcutta, and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences.

I am a certified Science communicator completed training program (full-time 4-month) from Indian Science News Association (Kolkata) & Vigyan Prasar, Govt. Of India, from University College of Science, Technology & Agriculture, also known as Rajabazar Science College.

Also, I am a certified Science Journalist completed training program (1-year) from Indian Science Communication Society, Lucknow, UP.

My Experience

I have started my career in the year 2008 as a sales and marketing executive in a mid-level pharmaceutical company in Kolkata, after a few years I have changed my domain from sales and marketing to business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, accounts, and management information system to finally and fortunately into content development, after I found the charm of writing.

Presently, I am in the same field i.e. content writing, health, and tech writing, technical writing and science writing since 2013.

I have more than 6-year of experience in content writing. I have written countless websites and blogs in different niches for domestic and international clients of repute, loosely more than 150 websites and 100+ blogs in different niches.

What do I provide?

I am a hardcore content writer. I provide high-quality content writing service, like website content writing / web writing, blog writing, advertisement content writing, business proposal writing, whitepaper writing, SEO content writing, SMM content writing, article writing, Press Release writing, travel writing, marketing email writing, LinkedIn profile writing, technical content writing, case studies writing, Infographics writing, eBooks writing, sales letter writing, landing page writing, and meta description writing to name a few.

Also, I provide Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including submission and guest blog writing for all niches.

My Content Writing Charge?

For India, it is 200 INR for 500 words i.e. 0.40 paisa per word for all types of content (excluding business proposal writing, white paper and eBooks writing).

  • Upfront payment is 40%

For the USA, the UK and other countries, it is the US $7 for 500 words for all types of content (excluding business proposal writing, white paper and eBooks writing).

  • Upfront payment is 40%

Are you thinking whether I am the perfect content writer you are looking for? Not to worry at all. You can ask me for my sample writings or some previously written materials. I shall be glad to send you some samples, but please do not forget to mention the niche. Yes, the type and category you are targeting or looking for, for example, “Technology” or “Artificial Intelligence”.

I would like to invite you to be connected via the social network. Here are the links Facebook I Twitter I LinkedIn with you I can give you great content that brings value to your readers vis-à-vis customers, share ideas and much, much more.

Get in touch with me! I ensure to make your happy with great content.

Kabbyik Mitra

I am available 24/7 and 365 days.

My Contact:

Mobile: +91 9903308885

Email: or Email: I Website:

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About the Author: Kabbyik

Kabbyik Mitra, a voracious reader and health writer. He is a health & lifestyle journalist. Kabbyik is a yoga enthusiast practicing yoga for last 7-year. He is a certified yoga therapist, a science writer, communicator and journalist. He has been practicing yoga and training people to live a healthy and happy life. Get in touch with him via email: for any yoga related queries.

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