Benefits of Esalen Massage – The Art of Healing of Mind and Body

Esalen Massage healing for mind and body

Have you heard about Esalen Massage? Do you know the benefits of Esalen Massage Therapy? Do not know! Read this article and you will know the benefits of Esalen Massage or the Art of Esalen Massage for health and wellness. Esalen Massage is well-known for its long flowing strokes over the body. This massage helps you to release the stress of life that you take everyday. When you take this massage you will feel whole and deeply relaxed in a very natural state of well-being. Many massage therapists believe the immense benefits of Esalen Healing Massage which is best to describe as the interface as well as integration of form, energy, structure as well as soul.

Why Esalen Massage?

With the nurturing contact, integrated pressure as well as detailed focus to the whole body, the Esalen Massage gives a high level of relaxation and healing that you hardly found in other Massage therapy. Normally Esalen massage practitioners are deeply dedicated to connect with each and every client and can usually accommodate particular requests as well as preferences. Practitioners of Esalen Massage combine whole-hearted presences with long, integrated, slow, deep strokes muscle work that help you to release from everyday stress, headache and tension, calm your mind and leave you feeling integrated and very deeply relaxed. You can ask about the Benefits of Esalen Massage to your massage therapist. Many Esalen practitioners offer a variety of bodywork that are called arts of healing.

What is Esalen Massage?

Esalen Massage is one of the unique forms of bodywork, which was developed before forty years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Esalen Massage applies different techniques that are known for its long, integrated strokes to create an experience of deep relaxation which normally supports the natural ability of mind and body to self healing. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world come to Big Sur to learn this excellent art of healing and to know the Benefits of Esalen Massage.

About Esalen Massage – The Art of Healing

Esalen Massage is also called EM, widely known for its healing as well as nurturing touch. This massage combines long strokes, gentle rocking as well as stretching, sculpting of very deep and extensive musculature and the precision of Acupressure therapy. Moreover, Esalen Massage goes beyond the physical outcome of bodywork by dedicating on deep energy exchange as well as psychological well-being. Esalen Massage aims to tune your body and mind as a whole to create high level of sense of serenity and calmness.

Let us see ten key facets of Esalen techniques for practitioners normally include:

  1. Grounding yourself prior to provide a massage.
  2. Wait and listen to the clients’ breath prior to make any initial contact.
  3. Gentle but deep rocking to assist the body let go of rigidity and provide the firmness.
  4. Creating a unified as well as whole massage which is defined by long, lengthy but soft and powerful deep strokes.
  5. Making small but deep circular movements across the joints to encourage firmness, release stiffness and tension from mind and body.
  6. Bringing the total body weight into the movement.
  7. A little unpredictability to ease away holding patterns.
  8. Allowing time to pause.
  9. Understanding that massage goes beyond the physical self.
  10. Remembering that everybody loves and wants to be touched.

Learn Esalen Massage

Learn the art of healing of Esalen Massage. It is an experience which sometimes changes your life. If you have keen intention to explore a change of career, deepen the knowledge of bodywork or if you want to spend quality time to heal yourself by way of touching, this massage is best for you. After a full massage session you will see the benefits of Esalen Massage. This massage can give you self-exploration as well as transformation through touches and movements. Whatsoever your intention, the learning of Esalen Massage is an extensive healing personal journey.

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