4 Benefits of Focusing on Triceps Exercises

triceps exercises

It’s common for people who work out daily to focus on their upper bodies, and that’s just fine. However, it makes little sense to build up other muscles without focusing on training the triceps, as well. Read on to find out about the four benefits of triceps exercises.

1. Triceps Are the Largest Arm Muscle Group

People’s triceps muscle groups are the largest ones in their arms. These muscles run from the elbow to the shoulder and consist of three different bundles of muscles, which means there’s plenty of room to increase their growth. The main role of the triceps is to straighten the elbow, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t play an essential part in body-building routines.

The two triceps muscles that most people focus on the most are the long heads and lateral. The third bundle of muscles, known as the last head or the medial, is located underneath the long heads and lateral, so it’s less visible. The cumulative effect of working out all three triceps muscles will be quite impressive, so order some tricep pushdown cables for those neglected machines and start building them up.

2. Triceps Help With Complex Training Exercises

Weight training exercises, like benefits of triceps exercises target many different muscle groups, but many of them are supported by the triceps. Having a strong chest and back but weak upper arm muscles can lead to imbalanced muscle growth, which increases a bodybuilder’s risk of injury. Strengthening those triceps will protect other muscle groups and increase the progress made when using complex training exercises.

3. Functional Movements and Shoulder Stability

The triceps are attached to the shoulder blades, yet many people overlook their role in supporting shoulder stability. These muscles are involved in both the rotation and abduction of the arms, so having strong triceps can stabilize the shoulder joint.

The triceps muscles also connect to the elbow joint and play a role in fine functional movements performed by the forearms and hand. It’s the triceps that offer sufficient elbow stability to support fine movements such as writing. Each of the three muscle bundles has a slightly different function:

  • The long head helps with force generation.
  • The lateral assists with movements that require high-intensity force.
  • The medial is used when performing more precise movements.

All of them must be kept strong to maximize shoulder stability and support functional movements.

4. Isolation and Convenience

People who just like a challenge will appreciate this last reason. The triceps muscles can be strengthened completely independently of any other muscle group. Tricep extensions, in particular, target the three muscle bundles described above with no added assistance.

The reason this ability to isolate the triceps is so convenient is that it makes developing workout routines easy for bodybuilders who need to even out imbalances between their two sides. About benefits of triceps exercises, Tricep extensions are best performed with varying levels of resistance in different positions to maximize effectiveness and keep workouts feeling fresh.

Change Up That Body Building Routine

Adding tricep exercises is a great way not just to build bigger muscles but to improve arm strength, stability, and dexterity. Start incorporating tricep extensions and kickbacks into those daily workouts ASAP.

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