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Swedish massage for physical & emotional well-being. Swedish Massage for relaxation & pain-free life

Are you going to book an appointment for massage therapy? Want to get full relaxation and rejuvenate your mind and body? Then you can certainly go for Swedish massage therapy? When you need something extra from massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy is second to none that offers relaxation, rejuvenation and peace in body and mind. Hence, Swedish massage is called relaxation massage therapy. Today, most of the people take this massage for relieving stress, tension and headache, because of the reason it is called stress release Massage Therapy. Most of the massage therapists recommend it for therapeutic Swedish massage benefits.

From hundreds of years, Swedish massage techniques heal and reduce stress from body muscles and mind with power of touch. So now certainly you want to know the Swedish massage benefits? Let us have a look.

Swedish Massage Benefits – The Healing Effects

Do you know the therapeutic benefits of Swedish massage? If you want to improve your emotional level, relieve stress, tension and headache then Swedish Massage can be your right choice. It helps you boost immune system and improve sleep. Swedish massage benefits are known for its power of relaxation in massage industry. The main thing of therapeutic Swedish massage technique is to provide full body relaxation. Massage therapists rubs the muscles along with long and steady gliding strokes in the same direction by which blood returns to heart. Swedish massage therapy is undoubtedly beneficial for human body. You can get different health benefits of Swedish massage. Let us uncover the Swedish massage benefits.

  1. Swedish Massage provides relaxation to stressed muscles.
  2. It increases Oxygen level in blood.
  3. Swedish Massage reduces level of toxins in muscles and undoes muscles knots.
  4. It improves blood circulation.
  5. Swedish Massage increases muscles flexibility in easing stress and tension.
  6. It reduces Cortisol hormone which is known as Stress Hormone.
  7. Swedish Massage reduces stress in decreasing level of Arginine Vasopressin hormone.
  8. It increases count of lymphocytes or White blood cells and helps increasing immunity power.
  9. Swedish Massage boosts up power to fight against cold and flu in increasing white blood cells.
  10. It helps you sleep well at nights.
  11. Swedish Massage de-stresses you and relaxes mind.

Techniques of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is also known as stress relief massage. Therapeutic Swedish massage enhances your psychological mood. Swedish massage applies gentle techniques and it uses long as well as steady strokes, kneading, deep circular pressure, vibration, tapping, and often bending. Hands and palms are used to apply all these techniques. If you want to take this massage, consult with your massage therapist first and then go for it, specify your needs, so that you can get the benefits of Swedish massage. Communication helps therapist to offer customized massage according to your needs.

Swedish massage reduces the formation of unhealthy stress hormones in human bodies, heals mind and body and offers relaxation. If you want to know about health and therapeutic benefits of Swedish massage this article will hopefully serve your purposes.

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