5 Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys You Never Know!

Various mental and physical health benefits of using sex toys

You must have heard about SEX TOYS. Have you used it earlier? If your answer is “NO” then you must read this article to know the awesome health benefits of sex toys. Okay, let me show you a statistics!

The global sex toy industry aka vibrator industry is worth more than $15 billion a year. Of late, a research showed that almost half of the people in Britain admitted to owning at least 1 sex toy. But here I’ll give beyond the pleasure principle, better to say, I will tell you the psychological benefits of sex toys.

The vibrator or sex toys industry is growing, certainly for the demand in men and women, liking a variety of sex toys available online. Needless to say, vibrator industry is abuzz with “quality sex toys”, the purchase and use of vibrators is becoming ever more main-stream.

A study has been conducted at Indiana University in the United States of America found that 43 percent of men and 53 percent of women aged between 18 to 65 years had used a sex toy, and that sex toy use is associated with enhanced sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health and wellness. The study also showed, it offers pleasure and fun, and useful adjunct to medical treatment.

Mental Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys

Sex toys are not just for single men or women anymore. Yes, it could be for anyone. Owning a sex toy is like having a good home or a luxury car. It is something that everybody should learn and should have.

Gone are those days when you have to cover your vibrators in fear of judgment. People used to say, oh you are using this or that, why so and what are the problems? and so on. These days, thanks to mainstream media, more and more people are now accepting sex toys of different types, because they have already started to know the benefits of sex toys. The reason behind is – today, more and more people are becoming open when discussing sex.

Now, you can talk about the benefits of using vibrators, physical and mental health benefits of using sex toys for men and women, dick sizes, vagina smells and all sorts of things that are usually discussed in Kama Sutra. You can also talk about the best sex positions, yoga for improving libido and orgasm, yoga for erectile dysfunction and lot more things freely.

But what we do not talk about the sex toys benefits. Yup that is right. But we can’t deny the fact that the blessing we all should have – SEX TOYS.

Sex Toys Benefits
Benefits Of Using Sex Toys

Why Sex Toys or Vibrators Lead To More & More Sexual Satisfaction?

People who have used vibrators at least once in their life time conveyed about their satisfied sex life across all metrics, like the quality or orgasm and the quality of masturbation in general. It is said that the more you try to explore your body with your partner and the more you experiment with benefits of sex toys, the more likely you are to know how to get yourself off- if you are rolling alone or with your partner.

Almost 90 percent of men and women in the United States of America said they were satisfied when they slept with men who used sex toys, and for those men who are very shy away from vibrators, and don’t really use them, then the satisfaction level decreased about 76 percent.

Sex Toys Improve Your Self-Confidence

When you know the pros of using sex toys and the ins and outs of your body, you will gain an appreciation for it, for sure. Needless to mention, the human body is a fine-tuned work-of-art. Studies also showed who masturbate weekly are more likely to feel positively about their body and looks, compared to those who don’t do. The best thing is – sex toys or vibrators allow you to experiment with various types of sensation, stimulation and at the same time with pleasure points in a safe manner. Thus, it gives you the gift of knowing what makes you feel good and feel exciting.

The next best thing is – you can repeat the road map of using sexy toys with yourself and with your partner or know exactly what to interact with your partner.

Sex Toys Help You Sleep Better

It goes without saying that sleep is important to our sound health and well-being. Nut just because sleeping keeps us from being cranky monsters but it also strengthens our immune systems, and does many things, such as: keeps our cognitive skills up, reduces depression and anxiety and increases our libido.

Studies showed that masturbation and sex can beat insomnia and restlessness. Famous Dr. Donaghue said, since the activity releases oxytocin as well as endorphins, therefore, sex and masturbation can help you feel calm and reduce stress. A report showed, both men and women who used sex toys of any type and masturbate into their night-time helped attain their bedtime orgasm more easily, effectively and quickly.

Vibrators benefits
Benefits Of Using Vibrators
Sex Toys Improve Relationship

Couples who use different types of sex toys in their bedroom are more likely to stay together, and that’s too for a long-term, and open as well as honest about their relationships. According to Dr. Donaghue, trying new sexual endeavors can alleviate boredom, reduces the likelihood of cheating, and at the same time improves overall communication between partners.

It is said that when a person opens up to new things, it evokes communication between partners that is important to relationship satisfaction and overall health of the partnership. In a nutshell, it can be said that the benefits of sex toys are undeniable.


Last, but certainly not least, orgasms should not be the only objective during sex, as it is about the journey. There is no denying the benefits of vibrators for both men and women and can be the icing on an already delicious cake. Sex toys aka vibrators, because of the positive effect on health and mind, can help you enjoy that journey even more – doesn’t matter what the result may be.

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