Information about yoga disclaimers

This disclaimer template is designed for use in relation to yoga classes or similar activities, either as a stand-alone document or incorporated into more general T&Cs.

The yoga disclaimer includes:

  • acknowledgements and representations from participants concerning their health and wellbeing;
  • optional provisions concerning any requirements to obtain a doctor’s approval for participation;
  • references to a pre-activity medical questionnaire;
  • exclusions of any implied warranties relating to injuries, fitness improvements and the continuation of yoga classes;
  • special exclusions of liability in relation to both injury and personal property; and
  • general exclusions of liability relating to force majeure events (i.e. events beyond the control of the parties), business-related losses and consequential losses.

Disclaimers are subject to close judicial scrutiny, and particular disclaimers may be ruled unenforceable by the courts, on a variety of grounds.  We do not guarantee that these disclaimers will be effective for your particular business or purposes.  If you have any doubts about the use of a disclalimer, you should seek professional advice.

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