The Objective Pros and Cons to Having a Smaller Breast Size

Smaller Breast Size

Many women obsess over the size of their breasts. Whether too big or too small, women tend to think about the appearance of their breast size. Sometimes, a woman’s breasts are simply too large, and they can interfere with her day-to-day life. There are many positives to having smaller breasts. Being aware of these will help women decide if they want to have a reduction or lift. 

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Having Smaller Breasts

Those women who have larger breasts may be unaware of the vast benefits of reducing or lifting their breasts. A Breast Lift gives women increased confidence and offers a range of other benefits. The following are some of the reasons having smaller breasts is better for women. 

  • Women with smaller breast size can wear many styles of clothing without worrying about a bra. Backless dresses look amazing but big-busted women may be unable to wear them because they cannot go braless comfortably. The con with smaller breasts is women still have to wear bras most of the time because it is socially unacceptable to go braless at work. 
  • Often, large-breasted women have trouble getting shirts to fit comfortably and look attractive. Button-down shirts are especially problematic for larger breasts because the buttons frequently gape open.  As a negative, women will find some shirts tend to make their breasts look too small. 
  • Women will also benefit from mastopexy because they can wear many styles of bathing suits without worrying about their breasts spilling out. Finally, a woman can embrace all those cute styles and look amazing wearing them. Unfortunately, many women find they cannot buy the same size top and bottom. 
  • With smaller breast size comes the need for less support. Women will find they can enjoy wearing a wide array of bras without the need for underwire support. A bra without the underwire is much more comfortable to wear. Those with smaller breasts may not fill out a bra evenly, causing their boobs to look saggy. 
  • Another benefit to smaller boobs or smaller breast size is more comfortable exercise. Women with large breasts size often find it uncomfortable to exercise because of too much bounce and chafing. Women with smaller breasts typically do not have this problem. Unfortunately, a woman may need to wear a sports bra which can flatten her breasts even more. 
  • Smaller breasts cut down dramatically on the back pain women experience. A woman will also notice her bra straps are no longer digging deep into her shoulders and causing discomfort. Unfortunately, women with small breasts have trouble achieving cleavage. 

Differences Between Breast Reduction and Lift

Larger breasts are more likely to sag and cause a woman to feel self-conscious about her appearance. Thankfully, some procedures transform the look of a woman’s breasts. Breast reduction and lift procedures are both available, and some women seek both at the same time. The following offers information on the differences between these two procedures. 

Breast reduction seeks to reduce the size of the breasts, while a lift changes the position of the breasts. Many women choose to have both, especially if their large breasts have become saggy or have lost volume. 

Schedule a Consultation 

Women who are unhappy with their breast size need to schedule a consultation to learn more about their options for a lift procedure. With a lift, a woman’s breast size, shape, and position will change dramatically, improving her figure and self-confidence. 

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