Is Deep Massage Therapy Good for Reducing Muscle Pain

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Deep tissue massage or deep tissue massage therapy is quite similar to Swedish massage therapy, only the techniques provided during deep tissue massage session are different. The deeper pressure is beneficial for you in releasing chronic joint pain and muscle tension. Deep tissue massage focuses only on the deep layers of your muscle tissues, tendons as well as fascia, the protective layer covering the muscles, bones as well as joints.

Why Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage therapy targets the very deeper layers of your muscle as well as connective tissue. Your massage therapist gives slower strokes, often called friction or applies massage techniques surrounding the grain of your muscle. Deep tissue massage is normally used for chronically stiff or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural issues or recovery from muscle injury. Most of the people feel hurt for 1-3 days after the deep tissue massage session.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is good for providing attention to certain painful body parts, stiff and trouble spots in the body. Normally your massage therapist applies smooth, slow and deliberate pressures on your body parts / the layers of muscles tendons and other tissues deep under the skin. Deep-tissue massage is a widely used massage therapy which concentrates on deep layers of body muscles and fascia. This massage therapy is recommended by many physicians as an alternative treatment option. Let us see the benefits of deep tissue massage.

  • Deep tissue massage reduces chronic pain (upper & lower back pain)
  • Deep tissue massage helps improve blood pressure
  • Deep-tissue massage helps reducing stress and tension
  • This massage breaks scar tissues
  • This massage can be an effective treatment for painful and injured muscles. This is a great benefits of deep tissue massage
  • Deep tissue massage helps you reduce chronic stress

By using deep finger pressure, slow and firm strokes, deep-tissue massage applied to treat different types of physical ailments.

With acute muscle tension, stress or injury, there may be painful or rigid tissue in your muscles tendons as well as ligaments, in this situation deep tissue massage works better. This massage works by physically breaking down the adhesions to reduce pain and helps to restore the normal movement. Massage therapist uses massage oils, sometimes essential oils during deep tissue massage providing deep pressure.

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