Top 13 Diseases Cured by Superfood Banana


Ooh Banana – An Exceptional Fruit. This is interesting. After reading this, you’ll never look at banana in the same way again. Generally, Banana carries three types of natural sugars – (i) sucrose, (ii) fructose and (iii) glucose compounded with natural fiber. Bananas provide instant energy, sustained and enhance the energy levels. Studies have proved that at least 2 bananas a day can boost adequate energy for a tough ninety minutes exercise. The fruit has already proved that it is one of the first choice fruit among the athletes. Keeping us fit, this fruit is beyond doubt great comparing with other fruits. But only energy is not the ultimate thing we can get from banana, it also helps us to combat with various illnesses. We can add this fruit in our daily diet.  

How bananas can help us in preventing different diseases are mentioned below.

For Depression

In accordance with a recent report published by MIND, people who are suffering from depression, when many of them feel better after eating banana. Because the fruit carry tryptophan (this is a kind of protein that body transforms to serotonin, that helps you to stay relax, boost your mood and helps you to feel cheerful.

For PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

PMS is a complex health concern. Around 20 to 30 per cent of menstruating women are believed to suffer from PMS. PMS usually happens in women in their fourth and fifth decades of life (aged 30-39 years). For a small number of women, it can be severely incapacitating.

If you are among them and in between the age then we must recommend you to keep apart your pills and start eating banana. The vitamin B6 controls glucose levels of blood that has an effect on your mood.

For Anemia

Bananas contain high iron that helps you in stimulating the production of hemoglobin in the blood and surely helps you, if you are suffering from anemia.

For High Blood Pressure

This distinctive tropical fruit is rich in high potassium even low in salt that is why the fruit is absolutely perfect to control your blood pressure levels. The US Food and Drug Administration told to the Banana Industry to prepare the official claims for the purpose of its ability to minimize the risk of blood pressure and stroke.

For Brain Power

A recent research has proved the fruit is rich in potassium that can helps us in learning and boost our brain power.

For Constipation

The fruit contains high fiber, and eating in the diet can help to restore our normal bowel movement and overcome the issues without resorting to laxatives.

For Hangovers

One of the easiest ways to cure a hangover is to prepare a good banana milkshake mixed with honey. The fruit helps us to calm the stomach, and if you mix the milk-shake with honey, it helps you to control the blood sugar levels and the milk will soothes and re-hydrates your system as well.


For Heartburn

This magical fruit will helps you in heartburn. It is rich in natural antacid that will help you in your heartburn. So if you are suffering from heartburn, start eating banana for a soothing relief.

For Morning Sickness

Banana helps you to keep your blood sugar levels up, as a result, you will feel strong even in the morning.

For Mosquito Bites

This fruit is just awesome for the insect bite, it can works like your insect bite cream. You can rub in the affected area with the inside of a banana skin. We are sure it will gives you a successful result, it reduce swelling and irritation in the area.

For Nerves

This fruit is rich in Vitamin B which helps you to calm your nervous system.

For Ulcer

Banana is used against intestinal disorders because it is soft and smooth. It is one of the fruit that can be eaten without distress in over chronicler cases. It is also good in reducing  irritation in the stomach occurred by ulcer.

For Temperature Control

Banana is a cool fruit that helps you to controls your physical as well as emotional temperature; it is good fruit of expectant mothers. It is said that in Thailand, expectant mother eat bananas to give birth their baby in a cool temperature.

So, banana is a fruit that can be eaten for many illnesses. If we compare it with an apple, the fruit contains four times higher protein, twice the carbohydrate, thrice the phosphorus, five times higher the vitamin A and iron and two times higher the other minerals and vitamins to apple. Besides these all, this fruit contains potassium. So we can also call “A BANANA  A DAY keeps the doctor away”.

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