A Sensible diet – The Best Way To Remove Gallstones

Gallstone in Gallbladder

A Recent study has shown that more than 750,000 surgeries are performed to remove gallstones each year. Surprisingly, a lot of people who suffer from gallstone do not have any idea as to how it is formed, ways to prevent it, and how to treat it without a surgery. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes and symptom of gallstone, preventive measures and how a good diet can help to remedy a gallstone formation.

What are Gallstones?

Gallstones are small stones that are found in the gallbladder, which is an organ that plays the role of storing bile produced by the liver. Gallstones are made up of calcium deposit, cholesterol particles, and other substances. Their shapes vary in both size and composition.

Gallstones can cause very serious problems, in that; they block the ducts inside the organ, leading to the inflammation of the gallbladder.

People at risk of developing gallstones

Several factors determine if a person is susceptible to a gallstone, these factors range from diet to gender to body composition and genetics.

Gallstones are very common in women, though men can be affected too, but women are more prone to it.

Gallstones usually affect people who are over the age 40 and are obsessed. Other factors that cause gallstones are as follows:

  • Family history
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor diet
  • Low HDL
  • Lack of exercise or physical activities
  • Unhealthy weight loss through fasting and a fad diet

Causes of a gallstone

Reports from the Harvard health publications have shown that more than 80% of gallstones are made from cholesterol, while the remaining 20% is made from bilirubin and calcium salt. When there is too much cholesterol in the bile, the formation of a yellow cholesterol stone is imminent.

The concentration of bile- When the gallbladder fails to function properly, the bile in it becomes concentrated which will ultimately lead to the formation of a gallstone.


The symptoms of gallstone vary from person to person. Some people who have a gallstone condition do not experience any pain or discomfort, but other may have an ongoing sharp pain.

Other symptoms of a gallstone are as follows:

  • Pain under the shoulder or in the back region.
  • Severe pain in the upper abdomen which normally lasts from 30mins to a few hours.
  • The tension in the intestines, stomach and other organs of the body, especially after a meal that is rich in fat and protein.
  • Dark urine.

Treatment of a gallstone without a surgery

A gallstones removal without surgery is possible; all that is required is a good diet.

Being overweight might seem like a bigger risk factor when it comes to a gallstone, but rapid weight loss can also trigger an imbalance in the electrolyte which increases the odds of having a gallstone. Losing more than 3 pounds a week through a fad diet or a weight loss surgery can rapidly lead to the formation of a Gallstone.

A diet that is rich in fiber (fruits and vegetables) and low on fat can be an excellent way to reduce the symptoms and ultimately eliminate a gallstone.

A number of studies have shown that consuming 2 spoons of olive oil daily can also reduce the chances of a gallstone problem. Olive oil helps to reduce cholesterol level in the gallbladder. Some researchers have been able to show that the incidence of a gallstone is rare among people who consume olive oil.

Studies have also suggested that cream, mayo and other food may help to prevent gallstone by stopping cholesterol from solidifying.

To help clean your diet and reduce the chances of a gallstone problem, you should endeavor to avoid the following-

  • Refined sugar.
  • Hydrogenated oils from corn, sunflower, and safflower.
  • Deli Meats.
  • Dairy products.
  • Fried food.
  • High-fat meals.
  • Your diet should be rich in the following
  • Fresh vegetable
  • Food rich in potassium like leafy greens, bananas, and sweet potato.
  • Lean protein food like chicken, turkey, bison and protein powder
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Olive oil

Surgery is not necessarily the best option when it comes to gallstone removal because of the risks involves. Following a well-planned diet is the best option for preventing and treating a gallstone.

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