5 Essential Oils That Can Transform Your Skin

Essential oil benefits

We all want brighter and fresher looking skin with the natural spark and glow. But, it isn’t easy to just transform your skin in the matter of months or a year. Chemical treated products, no matter how expensive they are, will never do you good. This is why you need to put your trust on natural elements, especially essential oils that have the power to transform your skin:

Rose Oil:

Rose essential oil is the least known among the essential oils, but that doesn’t make it less worthy.It is costly due to the reason that the extracts are pure and straight out of a rose. But, investing a little extra money won’t be a harm, when you get anti-aging properties, magnificent fragrance and silky skin all in one.

When this oil is combined with Rose Hip Seed Oil, it becomes a good face mask and helps fight wrinkles and nourishes the skin. There is nothing better for anti-aging than a pure bottle of Rose Oil.

Sandalwood Oil:

It would be better to call Sandalwood essential oil, a natural repairer. This woodsy oil is popular for its antioxidant effects, which means that it help fights skin inflammation and redness. If you have dryness and your skin tends to have patches due to it, regular use Sandalwood is your best hope.

The properties of sandalwood don’t just end at redness and dryness, but it is important in the long run too. The damage that your skin endure due to the regular exposure to the sun is also healed by it. So, just smear on sandalwood oil with moisturizer if you spend a lot of time out and about.

Chamomile Oil:

Chamomile essential Oil, especially German Chamomile Oil, contains the skin-calming compound called ‘Bisabolol’ in abundance. It contains protein inflammatory, which not only rids inflammation but also enriches the skin with care and nourishment.

If you are not allergic to Chamomile, apply the pure oil or a trusted product that contains it in the generous amount all over your irritation-prone and puffy spots. The regular use will help you to get rid of puffiness and itchiness.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Essential Oil is the product known to almost everyone. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties help in fighting off breakouts and unwanted acne. It is effective than any other product or organic elements available out there, for the treatment of acne and acne scars. It can also heal and repair rashes, minor cuts, and skin irritation.

Those who wish to use Tea Tree Oil should keep in mind that it doesn’t suit every skin. Therefore, instead of using it in abundance, try out if your suits your skin or not.


Frankincense essential oil has astringent properties, and it helps in tightening the skin and maintaining the youthful glow. Furthermore, it helps in reducing acne, close unwanted pores, and decreases age spots on the skin. Other than the load of benefits that it has on your skin, the scent that accompanies this oil is so intense that you would be hooked to it once you start using it on regular basis.

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