4 Things You Should Discuss with Your Gynaecologist


A gynaecologist is a medical practitioner who deals with the sexual and reproductive health of a woman. They deal with a lot of issues like cancer, infertility and menstrual irregularities and many others. However, there is a taboo in India with regard to meeting a gynaecologist. There is a false assumption that it is necessary only during the time of Pregnancy.

A gynaecologist in Bangalore says that women should have regular check-ups with them to keep track of their issues. There are also a lot of issues that women are hesitant to open up. This obstructs the doctor from giving appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

This article will give a brief idea of the things you should never hide from your gynaecologist.

  1. Menstruation and it Routine

Women are always hushed up when they talk about periods. This creates confusion in them about the nature of regular periods. It also becomes hard to know if the existing nature is due to an underlying medical condition.

Painful and irregular periods can mean a lot of different things. It is even a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, which is not known to many. Never ignore certain symptoms related to your menstrual cycle, says a gynaecologist in Bangalore.

Irregular Periods: Even though this is common during the first few years of your periods, it will get consistent as you mature. Every woman has a different menstrual cycle, which normally extends from 21 to 35 days. Some common reasons for irregular periods are certain medications, being overweight or underweight and over exercise.

Hormone imbalances are a serious issue that can cause irregular periods. Excess of androgen, a male hormone, can cause hair growth on face, excess weight gain and irregular periods.  Gynaecologists will be able to make the best diagnosis based on what you tell them.

  • Birth Control

Unwanted pregnancies can be avoided using contraceptives. There are different types of contraceptives available and a gynaecologist is the best person to choose them for you. Some of them are:

1. Contraceptive Pills- There are different brands of pills available in the market. A gynaecologist will be able to suggest the right one based on its side effects and efficacy.

2. Birth Control Shots- It is almost 94% accurate in preventing pregnancy and lasts for 3 months. It contains the hormone progestin which blocks ovulation and prevents pregnancy.

3. Rhythm Method- Also known as Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), it is a natural family planning method to prevent pregnancy. A woman can track her menstrual cycle and use other non-pharmaceutical methods to detect ovulation. A gynaecologist can work out a non-hormonal plan for this.

3. Medical Examinations

Breast Cancer is very common in women of above 40 years of age. Therefore it is better to talk to a gynaecologist and undergo a diagnosis if necessary. There are other factors that also need expert opinion. For instance, unsatisfactory orgasm, bleeding or painful sex could be due to some underlying reasons.

Dryness of vagina during intercourse can be the cause of painful sex. Switching positions or using lubricates are some easy solutions for this. However it is important to talk to your gynaecologist to get a proper judgment. Funky or weird smell of vaginal discharge could be the reason for bacterial growth. This should be treated at the earliest to prevent future complications.

4. Pregnancy

In the present times, gynecology overlaps with obstetrics and all gynaecologists are obstetricians. Most women think that the only work of a gynaecologist is to deliver babies. They are the best resorts if you are planning to conceive. They will recommend certain health habits and activities to make the process worthwhile. They can also treat infertility and other issues, which obstruct you from getting pregnant.

OB-GYNs guide you throughout the term of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a tough time for women with all the sudden hormonal and bodily changes. There will be a lot of vomiting, sleeping nights, back pain and nervousness.An OB-GYN can guide you through this phase especially if it is your first child.

A OB-GYN will be able to understand all your problems and give you the perfect solution. They will also guide you through the process of childbirth and motherhood. There are numerous birthing options like home births, water birth and hospital births. A gynaecologist will be a resource centre for all these, based on which you can decide.


There are numerous other things a gynaecologist can look into. They look out for STDs or weird bumps in your private parts. The faster the diagnosis, medication will be prescribed and the better. Therefore, visit to the gynaecologist is nothing to be ashamed of and a routine that should be practiced.

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