Shaped Body

Getting Ready to Greet the Summer with a Beautifully Shaped Body?

Now that the weather is warmer and we start trading thick clothes on thinner and shorter clothes, we would also like to display a beautiful body. But, nice legs, abs, and others... Read more »
Trampoline Therapy

5 Ways of Trampoline Therapy to Reduce Stress and Depression

Stress and depression have very bad and negative influence on the mind and the body of the person. Nowadays stress and depression is a common thing as people of all the ages... Read more »


Does Smoking habit Cause Hair Loss?

Smoking habit affects the human body in numerous ways because they contain several toxins and chemicals. These harmful ingredients can damage all parts of your body, including hair.  Smoking causes some hair... Read more »

Modest Intensity Exercise And Games for Older People

It is seen that at least five to six hours a week of modest intensity exercise gives significant health benefits for older people who are over the age of 60 years. It... Read more »

How to Reach Your Goal Practicing Yoga

The origin of yoga had been long rooted in Indian tradition. It has been practiced from pre-Vedic age. Yoga is not just an exercise; it is something more than our thinking. Innovative... Read more »

Top 5 Causes of Dehydration

Dehydration is a situation which happens for the loss of fluids in human body, mainly water, and overreached the quantity that is taken inside the body. In the time of dehydration when... Read more »

What Should You Know about 5 Causes of Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus commonly known as diabetes which comes under the group of metabolic diseases by which the levels of blood sugar grows high and continues for a long period of time. Diabetes... Read more »

25 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Organic White Tea

North America has started using white tea long back. It has immense benefits on health. They found several health benefits of white tea. But primarily the health benefits of white tea were... Read more »

How To Practice Reverse Warrior Pose (Viparita Virabhadrasana)

Reverse Warrior Pose – An Introduction: In Sanskrit, Reserve Warrior Pose is called Viparita Virabhadrasana. It is a standing yoga pose that stretches your waist and vitalize your whole body. Reverse Warrior... Read more »
Locust Pose

The Techniques and Health Benefits of Locust Pose Yoga

Locust pose is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga style. This pose is also known as Salabhasana or Shalabhasana or Grasshopper Pose. It is known as Grasshopper... Read more »

All time best Running Tips For Beginners

Running is one of the simple workouts at all times. You do not require going to a gym, you need not to be worried about your exercise in your busy schedule or... Read more »

Want to Practice Cow Face Pose ?

This Yoga helps you to release tension from shoulders and opens the chest to facilitate for deep breathing. In Sanskrit, Cow Face Posture is also known as “Gomukhasana”. You should perform staff... Read more »

Easy Pose eliminates anxiety

Sukhasana – Easy Pose – Pleasant Pose or sometimes it is called Descent Yoga Pose is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga styles. This is very easy... Read more »

Health and Fitness – Forearm Stand Yoga

Forearm Stand Pose is a popular asana or yoga posture in the entire yoga style. It is quite tough pose for the beginners. This pose is for advanced level learners. But if... Read more »

Power workouts build strong muscles and give you mental edge

“Power is one of the important traits that helps us to jump high, run fast and helps to grow the jerk muscle fibers and the nervous systems”. The power produces all those... Read more »