Why You Should Experience Once Yoga Under Water?

Yoga Under Water Benefits

As one of the orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, yoga is a group of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines. Medicare suggests that a person should practice yoga on a daily basis.

Many of you have experienced the power of yoga done in a traditional way that is on a piece of land covered with a basic yoga mat. This time we will tell you yoga under water. But, most of you might not be able to perform some of the positions due to various forces (including your body weight), some of you get distracted by the disturbance present in the surrounding.

Just add water to yoga

To know the real power of Yoga, you should experience one’s yoga under water. In the field of Medicare, it is termed as an Aqua Yoga. When you have a beautiful swimming pool (from a choice of custom pools that you can now have made) in your backyard, the convenience of being able to step outside and work on your fitness is priceless. You can swim laps, enjoy water aerobics, practice your yoga, or find a peaceful place in your garden to do floor exercises and your favorite style of planks.

Aqua Yoga – a new experience:

As the term itself suggests to practice the Yoga under water. Many of you are aware of the term scuba diving. It is also an aqua yoga. Just like Pranayama here also you have to focus on your breathing process. The deeper you dive, the less oxygen you need. It can create a meditative state of mind that helps you to live fully in the present moment.

Aqua Yoga helps you to resist all the disturbance that you experience in traditional Yoga. Water act as a protective layer and in an instant the wind, the noise, restriction due to body weight, all disappears.

Increase range of motion:

Practicing Yoga underwater is a very new experience because here your body will feel more buoyant, and it will be easy for you to hold positions and stay balanced. Without the presence of disturbance, you can focus well on stretching and strengthening your body.

As the water supports your motion, it will help you to perform those positions very easily that you are not able to perform on land.

It’s Therapeutic:

Aqua yoga acts as a therapy which intends to improve a person’s health.

Also, Yoga under water is more relaxing and effective as compared to traditional Yoga. Floating in the water without any disturbance gives you an eternal peace of mind.

Savasana is much better.:

The most relaxing and effective Aqua Yoga is Savasana. It’s an all-time favourite moment of all the yoga lovers.

Try Savasana in water to take the best advantage of Aqua Yoga or yoga under water. You will definitely feel comfortable and will forget all your mental pain as soon as you close your eyes.

Poses to try:

Just hop off the regular Yoga mat and dive under the water to get experience just like never before. There are various poses present, but the basic thing that you should keep in mind is your breathing.

  • Big toe pose:

Begin standing straight with the help of right arm against the side of the pool. Now grab the big toe or bottom of your foot and extend while keeping your back straight.

Begin to move your legs to sideward and also at the same time keep your body aligned. The water will help you in balancing your body and hopefully to the point where you can eventually let go of the wall.

  • Boat Pose:

In this pose, you have to put the two pool noodles on each side of you and then push them firmly down into the water with the help of your arms. As going down the water, extend your legs out in front of you.

  • Handstand pose:

This is a simple yet effective position which is done yoga under water. First, you have to bring every part of your body closer so that you can easily float at the bottom of the pool. Now extend your arms and legs until you came into a handstand position. Hold the same position as long as you can.

One thing you should keep in mind while practising this position is that you should be away from other people or the side of the pool.

  • Cobra Pose:

Stand a few feet away from the side of the pool and at the same time, and you have to face the side of the pool. Hold onto the top of the wall and move your forearm to make them parallel to the structure. Now tilt your forehead in the backward direction and arch your stomach until it is also in line with the wall.

Hold the same position for a few seconds. Another position which is similar to it is backbend, but in this, the direction of your face is different.

Benefits of Yoga Underwater

Aqua yoga is an incredible experience that every yoga lover should try. It’s not only a great way to stay healthy but also a fun ride.

Practising aqua yoga or yoga undeer water will help you to take a right mental decision as your mind will be in the relaxed state and will be able to understand the sophisticated situations.

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