Anu Yoga The Path To Pursue Wisdom

Anu yoga is the designation of the second of the three Inner Tantras in accordance with nine-fold division of practice used by Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Anu yoga mainly focuses on the emphasizes of inner yoga of channels, completion stage, winds energies and essences.

About Anu Yoga

we can say that it is one of the best yoga which teaches the path of passionately pursuing wisdom, in the realization that all phenomena are the creative expression of the indivisible unity of absolute space and primordial wisdom.The benefit of this yoga is the culmination of five yogas, which are essentially its five paths, and the ten stages that are include within these five, one attains the level of Samantabhadra.

In short, Anuyoga, involves secret initiation into the presence of the god and his consort and meditation on “voidness” in order to destroy the illusory nature of things.

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